277: Ricardo Lopes | Social Commentary With Host Of “The Dissenter” Podcast

Ricardo Lopes, The Dissenter

When it comes to interviewers, few are as currently prolific as Ricardo Lopes, host of “The Dissenter”. He is known for his social commentary, provoking thought, having strong opinions, and still being open-minded to new concepts. He hails from Portugal, and has been doing interviews for a few years now.

On his show, Ricardo has spoken with some of the same scientists and researchers I have spoken with, along with many others, including Steven Pinker, Robert Sapolsky, and Noam Chomsky. A big focus of his is social science, and he has spoken with people based on their insights and research, sometimes solely from their research papers.

Show notes:

  • how Ricardo starting doing interviews, and where he comes from
  • what The Dissenter podcast is about, and how it is important to keep open-minded about new information coming in
  • why Ricardo prefers social science and related fields
  • and more

I was glad to have Ricardo on the show. You can check out The Dissenter on YouTube.