245: Sarah Rose Cavanagh | Psychologist On Emotions, Collective Consciousness, And Emotional Regulation In “Hivemind”

We dive into the collective consciousness of humans on episode 245 with Dr. Sarah Rose Cavanagh, author of “Hivemind”. The book takes us through how group elements and stories spread among people, the ways that people can build each other up or tear each other down via the internet, vulnerabilities of certain groups of people, and lessons for people to take through their days.

Dr. Cavanagh is Associate Professor of Psychology at Assumption College, and got her PhD in Experimental Psychology from Tufts University. Her research is on how patterns of emotional reactivity illuminates trajectories of risk and resilience in individuals.

Show notes:

  • how Dr. Cavanagh got into psychology in the first place
  • the way that elements can spread from group to group
  • what the hivemind represents, and how we operate as a collective consciousness
  • the way that stories can propel a fiction or nonfiction from a small form to a societal belief
  • the impact that online frameworks have had on people, whether to build them up or tear them down
  • who is most vulnerable to manipulation due to their current life condition and physiology
  • how many are walking through life in the form of a constant form of minor fight-or-flight response
  • a lesson about how serendipity can be built or supported in one’s existence

Glad to have Dr. Cavanagh on the show, and you can check out her faculty page, Hivemind on Amazon, or follow her on Twitter.

230: Steven C. Hayes | Accepting What Is And Pivoting Toward What You Want In “A Liberated Mind”

Professor Steven C. Hayes of the University of Nevada is prolific in the category of psychological research. He has put out over 600 scientific articles and 44 books. Most of his research has been in the categories of human language and cognition as they relate to reducing human suffering. He has built a form called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which is psychotherapy using mindfulness and acceptance.

“Dr. Hayes has been President of Division 25 of the APA, of the American Association of Applied and Preventive Psychology, the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy, and the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science. He was the first Secretary-Treasurer of the Association for Psychological Science, which he helped form and has served a 5 year term on the National Advisory Council for Drug Abuse in the National Institutes of Health.”

He joins me on this episode to discuss topics from his book “A Liberated Mind: How to Pivot Toward What Matters”. It was a great nonlinear discussion that brought up a lot of insights.

Show notes:

  • why you need to be continually putting effort in some category to have a chance in it
  • how those who are not ready for the difficult have no chance to acquire the great
  • what it takes to pivot toward the things you are interested in
  • how so many of your thoughts can run on auto-pilot until you deconstruct the steps leading to them
  • where you need to go mentally to clear up a past issue and come to a conclusion
  • and much more

You can check out A Liberated Mind on Amazon, or check out Dr. Hayes web page, or his Twitter.

195: Gail Brenner | Psychology, Spirituality, Awareness, Being Present, And A Healing Ebook

Welcome psychologist Dr. Gail Brenner to episode 195 of the show~. She is a licensed Ph.D. psychologist with over 20 years of experience providing psychotherapy.

She received her B.A. from Carnegie-Mellon University, Ph.D. from Temple University, post-doc from the University of Florida, and took part in a clinical internship at the VA Hospital in Palo Alto, California. One specialty of hers is working with older adults during the transitions of the end of life period of aging.

Gail has worked with a variety of clients/patients, and speaking with her is a pleasure. We discussed a variety of topics, including:

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