258: Shan Rizvi | Technology Startup Founder Of “Just Ads” And “Pencil News” On Mindset And The Current Moment

From founding Just Ads to Pencil News, technology startup founder Shan Rizvi has made his way through the entrepreneurial landscape. Like myself, he is inclined toward a variety of topics and fields, like philosophy, neuroscience, art, music, and technology. He joins on episode 258 of the show to discuss the current moment, and joins me on points related to mindset, society as a whole, his travels along his path, and more.

I originally met Shan and his wife Maryam, along with other great individuals, at a hosted gathering by Dr. Azra Raza in the great state of New York. That is where they reside, and discussion of the regional impacts due to the virus were include in this episode. There continues to be much value connected to group functions with curious and warm individuals from different backgrounds, habits, lifestyles, and perspectives.

Show notes:

  • Shan as a technology startup founder, and what he has worked on, including Pencil News and Just Ads
  • how using and performing remote work for years can lead to a smoother transition to the current moment
  • how we met, and how he met his wife Maryam, who is a doctor currently responding to the epidemic directly, working with patients
  • a way to think about how parts of the brain are experts of their own domain, mentioning the key items from their part
  • if meditation is connected to showcasing those elements
  • the value that deep breathing can bring to you
  • why group meetings can be very valuable for creative and curious individuals, and what Shan connects with in such meetings
  • countries that Shan has been to, what pulled him to them, and his progression through those various countries
  • the value to studying abroad, and the total transformation that took place in his self-perspective due to it
  • how Shan could see himself from his original region of Pakistan in the perspective of people in the new places he went to (Finland, Sweden, etc.)
  • noticing different customs that challenge your prior ones
  • Shan’s thoughts on the concept of “mental health”, and how it takes into account philosophy, self-awareness, and more, as compared with commonly related to some type of illness
  • the way we will get to a clearer view of what our minds do
  • getting to a point of seeing 10X clearer scans of our minds
  • a message about the current moment in time, and how we as people can think about the impacts to countries that are in a developing stage
  • broader-scale thinking of people

Thanks goes to Shan for coming through on the show. You can check him out on his website at ShanRizvi.com or on Twitter at @ShanRizvi.





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