281: Gaining Value From The Insights, Paths, And Mistakes Of Others

Welcome to episode 281 of the show, where I cover a few messages and topics in a monologue type of form. The main theme on this one is that there is value outside yourself to absorb from, and you can tag on to the stories of others to enhance the story of your own.

Show notes:

  • looking at the stories and path of others
  • getting value from things outside yourself, and letting the experiences of others bring you messages and understanding
  • the different types of markets that exist
  • participating in the markets of your choosing
  • bringing the people around you up, and what that can do for you
  • how to bring the people around you up
  • how acting in line with your true nature matches you in the long-term, but can have slight drawbacks in the short-term

Glad to have you listening, and we continue to the future.