243: Welcome To 2020

Hello my fellow podcast listeners, associates, colleagues, individuals, audience members, and personnel. We here at The Armen Show Podcast (known for its consistency, variety, depth, and goal-oriented nature) are glad to walk right into the new year of 2020.

The show starts on a noticeably different footing as compared with its presence at the same time last year, and this is a springboard into the forward progression at hand.

Show notes:

  • where we are at in the great year of 2020
  • how TikTok is the place where a lot of energy is currently going
  • some of the plans or ideas for 2020
  • speaking or some form of speech-providing
  • ways I can improve my end of the show throughout the year
  • emotional awareness and better blending with guests
  • telling more stories, and including more of my own experiences, along with mentions of past guests
  • how I will be including more elements without thinking if X or Y or Z is the right thing to add in
  • how I will be looking at other podcasters/creators to see what I can add in or improve upon
  • what the podcast represents and is meant to express

Keep up with the show and you are keeping up with the movement. Let’s roll onward.

240: Overview Of “The Armen Show” Podcast In 2019

2019 has been a fabulous year for the podcast. There will be a couple episodes after this one, but this episode serves to describe and summarize the episodes that were covered this year, along with how they link to one another progressing through them.

This year took the show into a different bracket, as far as guests, video, and messages being provided. There was more of authors, researchers, notable individuals, speakers, and stories that resonate. I was glad it went in this direction, and the show is in a good space to start out 2020.

There are no show notes in this description, because the episode itself is a review of the past episodes.

The podcast went to many different sources this year, including Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play, and was then added to YouTube with the selection of episodes that have the guest on video, either from in-person, or on Skype.

May there continue to be more wonderful guests, things learned, and connection. Subscribe, let people know, like on iTunes or other services, leave a review, or do whatever you would like to help the show become more known, reach a larger audience, and lead to greater guest opportunities.

226: Get To Know The Full Spectrum Of Someone, And Full-Scale Interview Prep

We bring the stream of consciousness on episode 226. This one covered a variety of topics I had not planned for before the episode started. I handled a few things during the episode, which was nice to add variety, and I mentioned them during.

Part of this episode was about how I’m prepping differently for when I interview Dr. Christakis, in connection with understanding people more holistically. People are not one-faceted individuals, but have layers of experiences and connections.

We don’t do things in a vacuum, and the collective of humanity traveling through time has no unknowns that have been added during the process of entropy reduction. Enjoy the episode~

Show notes:

  • why looking through all the interviews of one of my upcoming guests is a great way for my interview to go better
  • how each person is not just a single element, but a combination of their experiences and connections and happenings
  • what planning the next week or month can do for personal productivity, management of highs and lows, and fulfillment
  • how things can be light now and heavy later depending on when you handle them
  • why you can’t think away a feeling that you are in, and how you roll in a feeling until you get out of that headspace
  • how figuring something out clears an issue, while leaving it untouched lets it show up as soon as possible

224: Some Takeaways From My Recent Relationship

We all process things a bit differently, and I like to look at what I missed and what I can work on. I like to keep my ego from building, by sharing and talking and thinking through times. I like to come out a more understanding person who is more connected.

This episode is one where I present a few quick messages about things I got to understanding. There might be future content to go deeper into the topics I mentioned here, or I might go into other ones. This is my way of solidifying what I figured out, sharing with someone it could help, and bringing some energy forward.

Here are some show notes:

  • why you should do for yourself what you seek out for others to fulfill
  • how light can become heavier when you don’t handle your end
  • when you should over-communicate and what kind of person it might help
  • where you can take things when you include the other person
  • how I process a relationship or experience to come out more whole on the other side of it
  • what it means to give yourself the love that you seek outside
  • how you can look at growth experiences in a smooth light

There may be more across these topics or alternate ones. These are the more analytical end, but part of the message here is about handling that part so the warmth and connection can persist.

We all try our best along the way.

215: Leveraging Your Strengths, And Some Words About Nipsey Hussle

You have a set of strengths and built up investments that is your source of highest energy. It is worth working from that, instead of starting items from scratch. One is way more motivating than the other. On episode 215 of the show, I discuss this concept.

As well, I want to include material on Nipsey Hussle and his passing, along with how it relates to leverage.

Show notes:

  • why you should leverage the strengths that you have
  • how looking at what you have is inspiring as compared with the alternative viewpoint
  • what you can do to use leverage for your workouts
  • when to apply points of leverage to your being
  • how social connections connect to this concept, with some efforts of yours being the priorities
  • why certain places give you more leverage than others, and how to get a sense of where they are
  • how to see where you have already built up leverage and investment, in order to expand on it
  • why Nipsey Hussle knew this concept and applied it to his efforts
  • how he impacted his community, and the message to take away
  • what it means to be valuable to others around you

Glad to have you listening on episode 215 of the show. The show you know about. On to the next.

210: Self-support, Non-process, Limbic Resonance, Adversity, And Context

The stream of consciousness is back in place for episode 210, which reminds us of the 210 freeway in Los Angeles.

Show notes:

  • why the steps along the way are not so relevant to me, but the stepping beyond past elements is
  • why you should support the things that you have made or done, regardless of how significant or insignificant they have been
  • how limbic resonance is the main feature pulling you and others to social networks and related applications
  • what adversity leads to as far as content creation in our society, and how adversity is the base for most of what we see as breakout material
  • how context is placed much more heavily than content in the eyes of the collective, with context always serving as the base in viewer’s minds while they examine your content

Links to material mentioned in the episode:

Elon Musk interview on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast

209: Recent Postings, Statistics, Other Shows, Quote Posts, And Broad Vision

The Armen Show comes forward with variety on this one where it returns to me bringing you the updates and stream of consciousness.

On this one, I bring up:

  • recent postings that have been on the show
  • some of the statistics associated with the show, and how they have improved over time
  • other podcasts and the comparisons with them
  • example include Conan’s new podcast, the Impaulsive one, and Srini’s Unmistakeable Creative podcast
  • I look at what kinds of things others are doing that I do differently
  • quote posts I have done on Instagram and their reach to a new demographic that likes the presentation of them
  • how the oldest individuals have a broad perspective, and an upcoming guest may be of that age group
  • various insights I like to share

Glad to have you listening through to this point. The show continues onward with flow.

198: Adapting To Change, And Taking Quantity To Quality

  • welcome to episode 198 of the show with only Armen
  • on this one I give some updates and bring up a couple of key points
  • talked about adapting to change with example of how publishers used to send me books to review or read
  • you have to work with conditions as they are and adjust
  • discussed reading the book on representative models
  • mentioned Scott H. Young article about quantity and quality
  • quality is a representation of quantity at depth
  • you can only get to the quality with the effort of quantity
  • characterized my episodes up until now, and ongoing
  • this is one of those updates episodes that explains the track
  • glad to have you listen

186: Jackfruit Effort, Doing Things Yourself, And Halloween Festivity

  • welcome to the episode known as #186
  • the topic of putting effort to open jackfruit
  • it’s not easy to eat like a banana, but worth it, like life
  • you get value out of trying things yourself
  • there are those moments of high effort where time stops
  • the more of these you work with, the better prepared you are
  • life is not light, and your ability to respond is key
  • Halloween is here and many will dress up and be creative
  • festivities in West Hollywood and across the lands
  • P.S. – guest post by Gary on the blog

184: The Return Of Los Angeles Fashion Week, And The People

  • Los Angeles Fashion Week is upon the Majestic Downtown in LA
  • The event continues its tradition of bringing together fashion, styles, models, designers, art, and people
  • I have seen some key individuals at the event including painter Crystal from episode 135 of the show
  • As well, Robby of future episode number ? had set up the event once more with assistance from others
  • Dancer and model Rayna from episode 140 up in the place and brought the flair
  • I like seeing people and meeting new people
  • I met another individual also named Crystal
  • May the fashion week continue to go smoothly with stylish shows of people with thematic ensembles

183: One Year Of The Armen Show

  • hello and welcome to episode to episode 183 of the show
  • it has been one year since I started the podcast on October 6, 2018
  • it is good to signify changing moments in time
  • we have had many guests and topics and series of discussions
  • on the way is continued science, guests, and happenings
  • there may be a more structured form of the show to happen
  • we look at making our own building among the other ones
  • glad to have had you all listening and joining thus far
  • to more~

181: Character Building, Food Places, Simulation, And Self-Quotes

  • 181 in the building
  • character building with small efforts
  • you have to live up to your own mini-goals
  • also talked about food places that I have gone to
  • some of the popular places to eat
  • simulation theory concepts
  • if in a simulation, we are not able to even go out of bounds
  • make your own quotes
  • you don’t need to be checking other’s quotes
  • Los Angeles is not light

180: The Conversational Backpack As Your Toolkit For Socializing

  • welcome to episode 180 on the show~
  • this one inspired by idea from Mary M
  • the conversational backpack is your way to connect with others
  • you have your toolkit to work with
  • you can bring variety, change in tone, and spontaneity
  • you don’t want to be limited to one or two things when talking
  • sticking to one tone will bore the other person at some point
  • we want to be flowing and weaving like a river

178: World Updates, Potential Audiobook Listening, And Having A Clear Target

  • welcome to episode 178
  • this one is a stream of consciousness type episode
  • we want all to flourish like a bird flying
  • mentioned some elements to complete in upcoming time
  • 2 author interviews in September and Robert Greene book in October
  • will check out an audiobook to see if that is a better way
  • having a target is the way to not let small issues throw you off
  • your target should include the elements along the way
  • the world is your world

177: Moving The Needle On Your Projects, And Voicing Your Path

  • episode 177 in the internets
  • this one inspired somewhat by Isaiah
  • you want to move the needle on your projects, and not just maintain
  • we want to have done more today than we could have done yesterday
  • voicing your path gets you toward there
  • your voice and thoughts are your direction maker, or rudder
  • we don’t have room for a path that isn’t ours
  • a little closing bit on Mac Miller and his departure
  • to more~

176: Avoidance, And The Fear And Issues Associated With It

  • the things we avoid are the things we get weaker in
  • bringing attention to a topic is the way to handle it
  • brushing it to the side gives it more weight than it deserves
  • we want to keep things light
  • things that are avoided grow bigger
  • it represents a fear within
  • you don’t want to give fear more energy or it can overpower you
  • you bring your focus like a light to the issue
  • what is something you have avoided?
    • is there something you can do about it?
    • can you target that thing?
    • who are you afraid will find out about it or will think less of you if they find out?
    • are you giving those people’s opinions too much credit?
  • sometimes we avoid what we don’t understand
    • can you look into it?
  • episode inspired by Mary

174: Viewing Moments As Their Own Entity, And Creative Input-Output Priorities

  • on this one I went over a few topics
  • better to make errors along the way than not do anything
  • we have times where the thing we did was the last time we would do that
  • view things as though that time is the only time that matters
  • including things as part of a group of times can lead to regret
  • the weight of regret is heavier than any comfort
  • description about time by the beach in Ventura
  • input is always lower in priority than output for creative types
  • your mind is to be kept in mind when doing anything

173: Discussing People Who Have Departed, And Mental Well-Being

  • welcome to episode 173 of the show
  • on this one I am talking about some of the people departed
  • Chester Bennington who left his singing career
  • Kate Spade who left her jewelry career and brand name
  • Anthony Bourdain and his chef and cooking career
  • xxxtentacion and his rapping popularity with the youth
  • I go over some of the things that matter most in life
  • mental well-being is the things that is bigger than socioeconomic status, wealth, popularity, or reverence
  • more to come on the show~

171: Kelp Man @Armen On Twitter, And The Focused Nature Of Text

  • welcome online to episode 171 palindrome fest
  • the story of Kelp Man and how he became
  • know the value of kelp for the ocean and what it brings
  • the greatness of text as a medium for communication
  • Twitter and Medium for their textiness
  • my story of someone asking me for my Twitter to use it
  • how to respond to the world
  • to more ocean rescues with Kelp Man

170: Chapter 1 And Half Of Chapter 2 Of She Has Her Mother’s Laugh By Carl Zimmer

  • we are in the 170s as episodes go
  • this one is about the first chapter and a half of Carl Zimmer’s most recent book
  • it is called She Has Her Mother’s Laugh, and it is about heredity/genes
  • this section included discussion of many scientists work early on
  • in the 1400s and 1500s and 1600s, people tried to show off lineage
  • many kings and prominent families wanted to show their power or clean family lines
  • inbreeding did not work well to keep family lineage going; forcing something = failure
  • scientists later in the 1800s and 1900s processed idea of heredity
  • deVries and Mendel and Darwin are all mentioned here
  • the book reads very storylike and progresses through time