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  • 300: Declarative Energy And Starting From A Previous Base

    Welcome to episode 300 of the show~. We have come far, and learned a lot along the way. This one includes discussion about the value of declarative energy, as well as how we are not starting from scratch whenever we do something. Enjoy, and onward we go. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

  • 294: Closing Out 2020 With The Year In Review

    We start from one place and end up at another. In this episode, we close out 2020 with a last episode of the year, bringing us to 52 episodes for the 52-week year~. Here, I discuss the guests we’ve had on in 2020, concepts they brought up, and some takeaways for all of you. […]

  • 290: Continual Branching | The Many Ways To Reach Outward

    Welcome to episode 290 of The Armen Show Podcast. This one is about the value of branching out in daily times, and different ways you can branch out in your own life. Adding a little variation to your day can be all you need to keep it interesting. This can be in the form of […]

  • 288: Continuation Is Power And Flow Is Your Colleague

    Welcome to episode 288, which might be my first one on this show that is both solo and still in video form. On this one, as the show continues its growth, I describe thoughts in relation to a quote I read that said “Continuation is power”. When I saw that, I recognized the value in […]

  • 287: Brief Review Of Episodes With Geoffrey West, Maryam Baqir, and James Nestor

    Hello and welcome to episode 287 of the show. On this one, I look to recap a few past episodes, what I learned from them, and what you might be able to take away. The episodes are #274 with Dr. Geoffrey West, #268 with Dr. Maryam Baqir, and #267 with James Nestor. Dr. West gave […]

  • 283: Reviewing All 11 Quotes From My Original Quote Analysis Ebook

    In episode 15, which was 268 episodes ago, I mentioned my two past Ebooks, along with a couple of quotes from the one called “Quote Analysis: Volume 1”, but I did not go into detail about each quote. In this audio, I cover all 11 quotes, and my current take on what they mean. Listing […]

  • 282: Answering 28.2 Questions About The Show And My Perspective

    We switch it up on The Armen Show every so often. On this episode #282, I will be answering 28.2 questions about myself and the show, as far as my perspective and responses as though I am being interviewed. I find it to be fairly informative. The first 9 questions, and one later one, are […]

  • 281: Gaining Value From The Insights, Paths, And Mistakes Of Others

    Welcome to episode 281 of the show, where I cover a few messages and topics in a monologue type of form. The main theme on this one is that there is value outside yourself to absorb from, and you can tag on to the stories of others to enhance the story of your own. Show […]

  • 276: Feeling, The Truth Behind Leaked Emails, And Keeping Your Mind Growing

    Welcome to another edition of The Armen Show. On #276, it is a stream of consciousness, as I take you through thoughts. Show notes: how feeling is to be let through why feeling is a representation of truth that thoughts are not able to be, in the same way how a post about leaked e-mails […]

  • 275: The Compounding Effects Of A Small Effort Or Risk Applied Today

    What does a little risk taken or effort made today do for you a week from now? How about 10 years from now? We look at life in an extended framework if we want to see it more clearly. Episode 275 is about this concept, how something can build only once it is started, and […]

  • 253: A Response To The Current Moment Of Global Alteration

    With the world in a state of rapid adaptation due to health concerns, I discuss some of the elements connected to the scenario in episode 253. There are the straightforward health concerns, along with financial impacts, social impacts, relationship-based impacts, and impacts between countries. Though it has been a bit disturbing to see the current […]

  • 250: As We Make Our Way Forward

    Welcome to episode 250 of the show~. This returns to the style of me speaking by myself, doing some impressions, telling some story, and updating on recent content. There is great material to cover in March, and we look towards continued growth and improvement. Show notes: the interconnection between guests and episodes using Zoom for […]

  • 243: Welcome To 2020

    Hello my fellow podcast listeners, associates, colleagues, individuals, audience members, and personnel. We here at The Armen Show Podcast (known for its consistency, variety, depth, and goal-oriented nature) are glad to walk right into the new year of 2020. The show starts on a noticeably different footing as compared with its presence at the same […]

  • 242: Closing Out The 2010s With A Recap

    Long live the year, the decade, and the dynamics that have progressed over time. This episode is me closing out the decade with some descriptions of my content creation over time, what I have noticed of the internet as it shifted over the years, and what changes I have seen in the planet in the […]

  • 240: Overview Of “The Armen Show” Podcast In 2019

    2019 has been a fabulous year for the podcast. There will be a couple episodes after this one, but this episode serves to describe and summarize the episodes that were covered this year, along with how they link to one another progressing through them. This year took the show into a different bracket, as far […]

  • 226: Get To Know The Full Spectrum Of Someone, And Full-Scale Interview Prep

    We bring the stream of consciousness on episode 226. This one covered a variety of topics I had not planned for before the episode started. I handled a few things during the episode, which was nice to add variety, and I mentioned them during. Part of this episode was about how I’m prepping differently for […]

  • 224: Some Takeaways From My Recent Relationship

    We all process things a bit differently, and I like to look at what I missed and what I can work on. I like to keep my ego from building, by sharing and talking and thinking through times. I like to come out a more understanding person who is more connected. This episode is one […]

  • 215: Leveraging Your Strengths, And Some Words About Nipsey Hussle

    You have a set of strengths and built up investments that is your source of highest energy. It is worth working from that, instead of starting items from scratch. One is way more motivating than the other. On episode 215 of the show, I discuss this concept. As well, I want to include material on […]

  • 210: Self-support, Non-process, Limbic Resonance, Adversity, And Context

    The stream of consciousness is back in place for episode 210, which reminds us of the 210 freeway in Los Angeles. Show notes: why the steps along the way are not so relevant to me, but the stepping beyond past elements is why you should support the things that you have made or done, regardless […]

  • 209: Recent Postings, Statistics, Other Shows, Quote Posts, And Broad Vision

    The Armen Show comes forward with variety on this one where it returns to me bringing you the updates and stream of consciousness. On this one, I bring up: recent postings that have been on the show some of the statistics associated with the show, and how they have improved over time other podcasts and […]