288: Continuation Is Power And Flow Is Your Colleague

Welcome to episode 288, which might be my first one on this show that is both solo and still in video form. On this one, as the show continues its growth, I describe thoughts in relation to a quote I read that said “Continuation is power”. When I saw that, I recognized the value in it, and that I wanted to talk a bit about it.

The people who continue along on a project path or a goal they started before represent their internal willpower when they put out that next thing. It says something to all others out there, and represents that they are still “in the market”.

After covering this topic, I covered the topic of continued flow, and how stoppage has such an impact on where you can go in the short term. It’s like a weight that can become heavier by the day, each day that you skip working out, or whatever the activity may be.