387: Food For Thought Friday With Rebecca | The Family Unit, Expression, Polarization

On this Food For Thought Friday with Rebecca, we go into a few topics of importance in society, with Rebecca Faith Lawson coming to us from the University of South Florida for an impromptu discussion on many fronts. We discuss some statistics on the nuclear family, polarization of views, those who do expressing versus those who could bring a lot to expression, and more.

What is the value of the nuclear family, and why has it become less common in recent decades?

How has polarization affected the communication landscape, and is everyone being averaged into a person that doesn’t showcase any extremes?

Do the people who have a voice belong having a voice, and do others who don’t bring out their voice have lots to contribute?

I was glad to have Rebecca join on this Food For Thought Friday, and you can check out her past discussions on the show here (authenticity, belief, time horizons) and here (self-awareness, discernment, content creation).