355: Rebecca Faith Lawson | Authenticity, Belief, Time Horizons, And Perspective

Welcome back guest Rebecca Faith Lawson to the show on episode 355, as we have a discussion live with the backdrop of the beach sands in place. We spoke here on Playa Del Rey Beach about the topics of authenticity, following your beliefs, not getting thrown off by others, perfectionist views, and more.

The topic of not taking in outside noise was interesting, as we have to be cautious of the input that we take in from the world. We only have one time around here to make our decisions, and don’t want to be thrown off by the external.

Rebecca models with Modern Muse Models in Florida, and also enjoys working with kids. It’s great for us to connect where we are built for, and to reach out from a base of what we are into.

Links: Instagram | Modern Muse Modeling





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