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  • 282: Answering 28.2 Questions About The Show And My Perspective

    We switch it up on The Armen Show every so often. On this episode #282, I will be answering 28.2 questions about myself and the show, as far as my perspective and responses as though I am being interviewed. I find it to be fairly informative. The first 9 questions, and one later one, are […]

  • 243: Welcome To 2020

    Hello my fellow podcast listeners, associates, colleagues, individuals, audience members, and personnel. We here at The Armen Show Podcast (known for its consistency, variety, depth, and goal-oriented nature) are glad to walk right into the new year of 2020. The show starts on a noticeably different footing as compared with its presence at the same […]

  • 231: David A. Sinclair | Anti-Aging Research And Understanding In “Lifespan”

    When it comes to anti-aging research, Dr. David A. Sinclair of Harvard Medical School is on the forefront of research and innovation. He joins on episode 231 to discuss his new book Lifespan: Why We Age – and Why We Don’t Have To. Dr. Sinclair, Ph.D., A.O.┬áis a Professor in the Department of Genetics and […]

  • 229: Mark Metry | Story, Message, And Goals From Host Of The Humans 2.0 Podcast

    We bring it live on episode 229 of the show with a fellow podcaster – Mark Metry of the Humans 2.0 Podcast. He has had wonderful guests like Robert Greene, Mark Manson, Safi Bahcall(previously on my podcast as well), and more. Mark brings a lot of momentum to the table, across his episodes, speaking engagements, […]