The Elephant In The Brain – Chapters 8 To 12 | TheArmenShow Episode 092

Knowledge is the way, and we keep it moving on The Elephant In The Brain. This one gets into some more of the chapters on sections of society and the hidden motives that go with them. I discuss:

  • how laughter represents more than something being “funny”
  • the way that conversation is used to showcase one’s own ability
  • where consumption is used to present an image of abundance
  • the impracticality of art and its underlying subtext of high fitness
  • the way that charity is nearly always conspicuous in nature

These chapters flowed well, and the concepts link through them, regarding how a person uses the world to represent themselves better. The next episode will be on the last chapters of the book, which are 13 through 17, and then I will have an interview article in February with the two authors. Glad to have y’all on board this podcast in January, and we move on to February 2018.

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