101: Discussing People’s Quotes From Tribe Of Mentors

  • “Be polite, on time, and work really hard until you are talented enough to be blunt, a little late, and take vacations and even then… be polite”
  • “Celebrate the childlike mind”
  • “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing”
  • “Think for yourself. Everyone has a unique picture of how things work and function, and yours is as valuable as anyone’s”
  • “If it’s already common knowledge, it’s probably too late to make a major contribution. If you’re the only one excited, you may be deluding yourself”
  • “Be present”
  • “We can’t control the fact that bad things are going to happen but it’s how we react to them that really matters.”
  • “Macro patience. Micro speed.”
  • “When you stop caring about being right in the eyes of everyone, it’s amazing how little you care to waste energy trying to convince people of your view”

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