76: Aligning With Similar Energy Individuals, Chocolate, And Talk Show Games

Insight and examples are what I bring to the table here. Most of how I communicate is through concepts. This episode includes Alex’s jingle as the intro and outro again. I might make that the regular thing. In episode 76 of the show, I discuss:

  • aligning with individual who have a similar energy to you, and who you can relate with or believe in
  • types of chocolate I have enjoyed eating or drinking
  • talk show games and their routine nature of a sounded intro and comfortable elements
  • weekly cycles that society rolls through, and “hacking culture”
  • Katja’s song’s Ride The Wave and Come Thru

You have to link the parts of your life if you want to reach new levels. There are a lot of details to the networks of our thoughts and actions. Glad to have you following along the story I’m narrating. If you like the show, let others know it~

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