94: Why Performance Is Necessary, And The Teams Society Is Made Of

We are in the 90s like it is like 1994. This is episode 94, and the intro music is “Gone Home” by Gary Kazazian, and possibly Kaspar Kazazian as well. It is also in the outro. Music is always good for variety purposes. The Elephant In The Brain is now a book we have gone through and finished, and we move through February. In this episode, I discuss:

  • performance of a skill being paramount to preparation and reading about it
  • using your abilities in person to hone down what needs to be worked on
  • how we see political, religious, and sports fan teams in society
  • the teams that I identify with, and what I like to see more of

Taking the concepts from something you learned is important. You can’t just let them float away, or you won’t internalize anything. When I read a book, I include concepts from it in my discussions and actions, so that the book had an impact on my life.

Also, on a separate note, Bill Gates liked the upcoming book Enlightenment Now by Steven Pinker(it’s not out yet), and I have read a few books that Bill has also read. We have a similar interest in books and knowledge. Maybe I will get back to getting advanced copies of books like when it was 2010 and my blog was booming. Onward we go.

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