52: The Quickening Pace Of Life

How fast does life go? Do we do so many things more quickly than we did before? In episode 52, I discuss:

  • how life is getting faster
  • how we fit more into each day as time goes on
  • the way to adapt to the speed up in the future
  • potential names for the listeners of this show

I am near finishing the book and will be done in due time. This is a great thing, and you should finish what you start. Also, long live day trading.

51: No Need To Be Waiting On Something

When you are working through your life, there is no need to ever be waiting for something. You can be patient for things, but you have to make moves. In this episode, I discuss:

  • not needing to wait for anything
  • making moves and then adjusting after the fact
  • the focus being on your actions
  • causing an impact instead of waiting for an impact

I talked about a few topics on this one, and I try to share my viewpoints along my own journey.

50: Bringing In Episode 50 With A Rap Freestyle

It’s the big 50, and you know we do it big here on The Armen Show. Little known fact is that I used to do freestyle raps that I would record every few days for years. I have raps from 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and some from 2017 (over 300 in total). In this rap I include:

  • messages on self-esteem
  • updates on current happenings
  • lyrics with style to a certain beat
  • some switches in flow and speed

The beat I rapped on here is one called “A Touch Of Gold”, by Elliote Waite, one of the people who makes beats for JeeJuh. It is one of the only ones I bought on there a few years ago. JeeJuh has some great beats that I have rapped to over the years.

Glad to have y’all on here through 50 episodes and onward we go. More raps on the way in the future.

49: Having A Range Of Motion And Emotion

In life, you need to have range throughout all that you do. These types of range include:

  • physical range of motion through activity and stretch
  • range of emotion in expression with others
  • range of ability to handle wins and losses of risk
  • range of understanding of different kinds of information that is available

These different types of range will make you less vulnerable to the world at large. You have to be able to manage that which is around you.

48: Alex Valdivia | Making And Listening To Electronic Music

Welcome to episode 48 of The Armen Show, and on this one we have guest Alex who makes music and is in the music/event scene. In fact, Alex made the jingle that starts and ends this episode! We discuss:

  • types of music that Alex likes
  • the hardware and software that Alex uses(and will be using) to make electronic dance music and similar
  • performers and events he likes to listen to and attend
  • the fact that we used two mics on this advanced episode

Glad to have Alex on this one. We used two Shure SM58 microphones to record, and also had headphones to hear input. Technology is all over the place on this one. Onward we go.

47: Dancing, And What It Represents

Hey all. The Armen Show is in the building with talk of dancing and its funness, and what it represents.

  • structured forms of dancing like salsa
  • what dancing represents and means
  • what people consider to be “good” dancing
  • kinds of dancing I have done

They want more so we put out more here at the studio.

46: Who Are You, And What Is Your Identity?

Who is the person you are? The identity we have is important. In this episode I ask and discuss:

  • what is your identity?
  • what are the things in your life you see as part of you?
  • how do you want others to see you?
  • do you reflect on yourself?

This episode is for you to think about where you are in the world, in your own perspective.

45: The Market Never Sleeps, And Opportunity Clouding

How is the show already at 45 episodes? It’s hard to say. This one is about:

  • the market never stopping for anyone
  • touching the market and its importance
  • not being clouded by all potential opportunities that show up
  • empathy and its relation to audience

I have been checking out some other podcasts, and noticed features that they have. Things continue to improve here in all categories.

44: Net Neutrality And An Open Internet

I had brought it up in episode 22, but here in episode 44, I discuss the fact that net neutrality just got voted against by the FCC.

  • FCC vote against net neutrality
  • appeal happening next in the courts
  • importance of the internet to what we see today
  • mentioning my past rap about the internet

Will the internet remain as we  see it right now? It is up to the societal and legal response to the FCC vote.

43: Describing Some Books Read In Past Years Part Two

I have read lots of books and so I continue describing some of the ones read in past years. Included here are:

  • The Brain: The Story of You by David Eagleman on the brain
  • The Planet Remade by Oliver Morton on how the planet can be upgraded
  • The Idealist by Justin Peters on the life of Aaron Swartz
  • A Crude Look At The Whole by John H. Miller connecting complex systems
  • Skeptic by Michael Shermer on checking what you are told
  • The Industries of the Future by Alec Ross on upcoming industries
  • Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs by Lisa Randall on the great universe

I like keeping y’all up to date on my past and current made and read content. Onward we go.

42: Describing Some Books Read In Past Years

We keep it moving here at The Podcast known as The Armen Show. In this episode I go over some contents from past books I’ve read that are in one of my Evernote notebooks on books. They include:

  • Mastery by Robert Greene and mention of his other books
  • Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahnemann (read just a bit of)
  • You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero (interviewed her)
  • Choices and Illusions by Eldon Taylor (send to me on previous blog)
  • The End of the Suburbs by Leigh Gallagher (changes in current real estate landscape and usage)
  • The Hinge by Rob Bell (about mental toughness and sticking with things)

Hope you liked hearing about books I’ve read in full or in part. Content is my way. Feedback if you have any folks. On to the next~

41: Guilt And Shaming As Methods Of Regulation

Hey all I have some content back from the book “Behave”. I have mapped out the rest of the book and will be reading through it. In this I discuss:

  • How individualistic cultures and collectivist cultures regulate people
  • Difference in guilt and shaming
  • External versus internal effects on people
  • Getting people in line as per society and its desires

Good luck to those near the fire, and glad to have you listening to the show.

40: Comments On Top News Stories Of The Day

Here I went with discussing some of the top news stories of the day, and bringing up a comment or two on each thing as applicable.

  • Items in world news and country happenings
  • What occurs in the local US region
  • Entertainment and sports that takes place daily
  • Lastly, science and health news and updates

I’m always switching it up here on The Armen Show, and we are episode 40 in the building. To more and good~

39: Reflecting On Your Learning, And Daily Talk

On episode 39, on December 9th, I bring some life discussion about things like:

  • The fires that are happening in Los Angeles
  • Keeping consistent on your efforts
  • My plan on how I will be reading the last chapters of Behave
  • How you should reflect on your mistakes

We are looking great in December. To more health and good things.

38: Upcoming 2017 End Of Year Video For Youtube

Hey all we keep it moving here. The fires continue in Los Angeles, but the city is solid. In this episode, I go over:

  • The end of year video I am likely making for Youtube
  • A shortened version will be for Instagram
  • Updates on book reading and an upcoming chapter
  • Drinking water

We all have something to bring to the table. If you have that, bring it out there. Glad to have you on The Armen Show team.

37: Being Romantic About Judgment In Character

In a recent conference where Gary Vaynerchuk was answering questions, he said “People love to be romantic about their judgment in character; thus it deems them non-actionable when it most matters”. This episode is about:

  • Not being attached to your past decisions or maneuvers
  • Make it more about firing, or cancelling, and not about hiring
  • Being adaptable over time instead of fixed in place out of weakness
  • Giving weight to your own mobility, instead of to reputation management

Podcast too strong we are rolling out through December. Episode 37 on December 7. Join the train while the track is still visible~

36: The Power Of Story And Focusing On What You Can Do

How do he do it? 16 episodes in 16 days with episode 36 on December 6. In this one, I talk about:

  • the power of story to connect with people
  • how you can set focus on what you can do instead of missed opportunities
  • commentary on potential future podcast discussion

We are on the podcast train and it is zooming out to space.

35: Managing Yourself During Fires And Other Emergencies

Fires happen in Southern California, or near Los Angeles, and a few are currently burning away. This prompted me to do this episode on how to manage during such instances, and those of earthquakes and other disasters, and to think about them in advance.

  • Couple of fires going on right now (Thomas Fire and Creek Fire)
  • Understanding the elements that take place in the area you live in
  • Keeping in mind what is valuable for you to take or leave
  • Organizing your possessions at all times so you are aware of what you have

Aside from this content, I hope all of you are doing smoothly, and will continue with book and related content in the near future. Shout outs to the firefighters who battle against fires, stopping them at tops of mountains or before they get to housing regions.

34: Chapters 9 Through 12 Of Behave By Robert Sapolsky

We are back at it with some Sapolsky for you. This is a summary of chapters 9 through 12 in his book “Behave”, and I took in-depth notes on these chapters regarding human behavior. Some of the topics in this episode are:

  • collectivist versus individualist cultures and their different thinking
  • how culture impacts action
  • how behavior evolved in terms of kin selection and pairing to family and extended family
  • us versus them thinking, and how Others are viewed by Us groups
  • levels of hierarchy in society and how noted they are by all animals, but especially people

This book is packed with information. The next episode that includes content on it will be on chapters 13 through 17(which is the last chapter), and then I will do a recap.

33: The Arboretum, Festival Of Lights, And Goodreads

33 in the building~. In this episode, I wanted to discuss two places I went to, and an update to an online profile of mine.

  • the plants at The Arboretum in Arcadia, Los Angeles
  • flower and plants and what is cool
  • the Festival of Lights in Riverside, and all its various features
  • how I switched back to my old Goodreads profile and updated it

We keep it moving here at The Armen Show. The next episode will return to “Behave” discussion, with a summary of chapters 9 through 12. See you then.