205: Professor Charles S. Cockell | Astrobiology, And How Physics Shapes Evolution, In “The Equations of Life”

Biology will reach out to the endless openness, but it will be limited and managed by physics and the equations that govern our universe. In this episode, we discuss with Professor Charles S. Cockell of the University of Edinburgh about topics in his book The Equations of Life.

Before Professor Cockell taught in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh, he was a Professor of Geomicrobiology and microbiologist with the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge. He got his doctorate in Molecular Biophysics at Oxford University, and has published over 300 scientific papers in the categories of astrobiology, geomicrobiology, and life in extreme environments. As well, he has contributed to plans for Mars exploration.

In my episode with Professor Cockell, we discussed:

  • Professor Cockell’s fascination with space and biology
  • the progression he made in his career to the University of Edinburgh
  • what kind of research he performed in his time at the Antarctic
  • examining life at the boundaries of what is physically viable
  • where in our solar system may have opportunity for viability
  • what kinds of studies Professor Cockell has been part of designing
  • involving incarcerated individuals in a moon-like confinement study
  • a ladybug physics project that the professor set for his students
  • predictability of biology and physics, and thoughts on free will
  • how the things around us are not so out of place based on the laws
  • the Great Filter that Professor Hanson from episode 202 spoke about
  • the power laws connecting metabolism and energy production
  • how the sky can be perceived differently on different parts of the Earth
  • features of individuals that are taken note of, like being open-minded

You can check out his university page, look at his list of publications, or head to his book’s Amazon listing. It was great to have him on, and we connected on some key topics.

204: Simone Albuquerque | Ecology, Sustainable Farming, And Water Management

Farming and ecology is the cornerstone of what we eat and how we live. Welcome to episode 204 with UC Santa Cruz student and educator Simone Albuquerque~.

Simone is a thoughtful individual who looks at and feels the interplay between the way that farming is done, from pesticides used to workers involved, and the end result of crops that are used for cooking and eating. This holistic view is a broad sense that is necessary to build toward sustainable long-term results for us as a people.

On this episode, we discussed:

  • how Simone looks at the complex interactions among species happening in farms and gardens
  • whether people in farm labor or related fields make a livable income, and its connection to the food that comes out
  • strawberries and a pesticide associated with it
  • crops that are endemic to an area, and the inefficiency associated with growing plants where they are not suited for
  • species that are at risk of disappearing around the world
  • some native nuts that grow in California
  • the systems in place to collect or manage water absorption in this drought-filled region of the world
  • how Simone speaks to/interviews people related to food justice and more
  • building riverbeds to allow for water flow/capture that waste less water
  • where Simone is on the here-and-now versus dopaminergic spectrum
  • the book Tending The Wild by Kat Anderson
  • a message for all the people

Glad to have Simone join on this one.

203: Romeo | DJing Hip Hop On The Radio, From Power 106 to 93.5 KDAY

Welcome to episode 203 of the show, where we have radio DJ, host, and personality Romeo from 93.5 KDAY, and previously Power 106 with Dejai of the Goodfellas, joining as a guest~.

From his public bio, “Growing up in the music business, Romeo always wanted to be a singer and a writer, but he never thought that his career and blessings would come through the radio. After meeting someone in his apartment complex, the conversation came up about radio and the rest is history.

Fifteen years later, Romeo has sung the National Anthem for the Lakers, Sparks, Dodgers, Kings, and LA Galaxy. He has also produced jingles for BET — all the while maintaining a great career in radio. He says waking up doing the Morning Show on 93.5 KDAY has been a longtime dream that has now come true.”

On this episode, we discussed:

  • how he started his career at Power 106, and how he got on to there with his friend Dejai
  • some of the individuals who Romeo has met along the way, like Aaliyah, Jennifer Lopez, or DJ Quik, and some stories related to them
  • information about the radio industry and about song selection
  • music and performing that Romeo has done in the past, and will do
  • how 93.5 KDAY and Power 106 are connected as radio networks
  • Romeo’s leadership ability and where it comes from
  • being heard, standing out, and being humble
  • how Romeo got back into radio after being off of it for some time
  • how hip hop has adjusted in form over the last decade or two
  • where to get fuel for the fire of your motivation
  • and did a paired freestyle to each other’s beats

You can check out Romeo on the radio in Los Angeles on 93.5 KDAY, see him at public events related to the radio station, or listen to him on the podcast “Tha Goodfellas and Porscha Coleman ‘UNCUT’.

202: Dr. Robin Hanson | Career, Viewpoints And Articles From His Blog “Overcoming Bias”

Welcome to episode number 202, with Dr. Robin Hanson, co-author of The Elephant in the Brain: Hidden Motives in Everyday Life.

Robin Hanson is associate professor of economics at George Mason University, and research associate at the Future of Humanity Institute of Oxford University. He has a doctorate in social science from California Institute of Technology, master’s degrees in physics and philosophy from the University of Chicago, and nine years experience as a research programmer, at Lockheed and NASA.

On my episode with Dr. Hanson, we discussed topics and tangents connecting off of his blog articles and book messages, including:

  • having a thing, whether it be a viewpoint or something you stand for
  • hidden motives and the ways they can be look at more rationally
  • the concept of the Great Filter, which is a viewpoint about the universe and lack of activity beyond our planet
  • viewquakes, and the ability to bring individuals to growth through change of their thinking that is not rigid
  • a message to young eccentrics, the value and efficiencies that they have, and how they can look at themselves
  • the way that Edward Snowden was a form of hero, and what kinds of traits Dr. Hanson might look for in relevant individuals
  • Black Mirror translating some of the scientific messages available to a broader audience
  • how stories are used by people, and if they are somewhat religious in the way that they function
  • more topics on the mindset that you take to a difficulty

You can check out Dr. Robin Hanson’s blog at Overcoming Bias, look at his faculty page, or check out his biography. You can also take a look at my past text interview with Dr. Hanson and his The Elephant in the Brain  co-author Kevin Simler.

201: Dr. Daniel Z. Lieberman | Dopamine, Creativity, Love, And Progression In “The Molecule of More”

Dr. Daniel Z. Lieberman, co-author of The Molecule of More: How a Single Chemical in Your Brain Drives Love, Sex, and Creativity–And Will Determine the Fate of the Human Race, joins on episode 201 of the show~.

He divides his time between teaching, writing, and patient care. He is a clinical psychiatrist who received his medical degree from New York University School of Medicine, after undergraduate work at St John’s College. He is Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at George Washington University, and is also Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • Dr. Lieberman’s career, and the steps he took to be where he is at
  • some of the nice features of the Great Books program at St. John’s College
  • the details of his co-written book that focuses on dopamine
  • anticipatory effects and the connection to the unexpected
  • how drugs give hits of dopamine, and the pull to return to them
  • percentages of rewards needed to keep people playing games or using social media
  • desire dopamine versus control dopamine, and how dopaminergic individuals can flourish
  • agentic and affiliative relationships, and the people who prefer each type
  • control dopamine’s importance inhibiting aggression driven by passion
  • 7R variant of the D4 receptor gene for dopamine and its link to migration
  • conservative and liberal perspective, and their connection to a dopamine or H&N(here-and-now) based set of neurotransmitters
  • liability of dopaminergic individuals, and their elements of most success
  • how to take into account one’s state for balance purposes
  • and more

You can check out his website here, or take a look at his book The Molecule of More on Amazon. It was voted on Forbes as one of the Must-Read Brain Books of 2018.

Glad to have Dr. Lieberman on the show.

200: Professor Scott E. Page | Modeling, Complex Systems, And Applications In “The Model Thinker”

  • welcome Professor Scott. E Page, Ph. D., of the University of Michigan, to episode 200 of the show
  • he currently teaches complex systems, computer science, and economics
  • also has taught an online course to initially 60000 people, and then a million people in its second iteration
  • on this episode, we discussed his career, many of the models presented in the book, and some applications of them in this world
  • many-models approach to modeling, that helps prevent modeling gaps
  • Markov models and their ability to represent an equilibrium state, with percentages representing transfer from one state to another
  • the impact of diversity on complex systems, which has been a large part of Professor Page’s focus, also in his earlier books The Diversity [Bonus] and Diversity and Complexity
  • how socioeconomic status is more likely to continue at the lower and upper bounds than for middle class folks, though they are 50% likely
  • discussion about entropy as representation of uncertainty, and how it differs from variance equitability of options
  • the Matthew effect of some support for something causing more support for it, causing a snowball
  • opioid models, and some of the issues with their treatment
  • we covered other topics not listed here, and it was great to speak with Professor Page about his material, which I am also interested in
  • you can check out The Model Thinker on Amazon, look at Professor Page’s Michigan webpage, or look at a listing of all his books.

199: Yossef Sagi | Spiritual Guidance Of Consciousness To Connection And Individuality

  • welcome Yossef to episode 199 of the show(last of the 100s)
  • this episode was recorded in Culver City and and set in place by Melanie
  • Yossef is a professional trainer coach from a spiritual framework
  • we discussed many elements of internal being
  • a story related to his kindergarten teacher and our impact on others by being our selves as we are
  • helping people build self-love instead of seeking what’s wrong with them
  • getting back to being a student when away from your craft for too long
  • how figures are often deified when there could be more focus on letting each of us be our own great light
  • going with your inner feeling as you progress through an endeavor or connection
  • Yossef’s participation in a repressive group and how he started to see it as off, and then exiting and seeing that kind of form
  • preventing oneself from hitting a plateau of growth that is comfortable
  • Yossef’s great message of what he would say to all
  • a cool description of myself and my way of action
  • great to have Yossef on the show~
  • the podcast he mentioned that he was on is RichardListens

198: Adapting To Change, And Taking Quantity To Quality

  • welcome to episode 198 of the show with only Armen
  • on this one I give some updates and bring up a couple of key points
  • talked about adapting to change with example of how publishers used to send me books to review or read
  • you have to work with conditions as they are and adjust
  • discussed reading the book on representative models
  • mentioned Scott H. Young article about quantity and quality
  • quality is a representation of quantity at depth
  • you can only get to the quality with the effort of quantity
  • characterized my episodes up until now, and ongoing
  • this is one of those updates episodes that explains the track
  • glad to have you listen

197: Titan Burl | Year-End Discussion With The Return Of The Baller

  • welcome Titan back on the show for episode 197~
  • went over end of year material including holiday time and events remembered on New Year’s
  • talked about 2018 reflection and fitness changes
  • fitness goals for the next year
  • sports played including volleyball and basketball
  • games being played and content being consumed, including Fortnite and comedians on the television
  • dynamics for developing of games with updates coming regularly
  • weight and height material over periods of Titan’s lifetime
  • glad to have Titan on

196: Chris Grounds | Northwestern Actlete Entertaining Through Acting, Singing, And Rapping

  • Welcome actor and entertainer Chris A. Grounds to the show~
  • recorded in Koreatown on two mics
  • we discussed how we met, where we met
  • playing basketball and what it is like to be an actlete
  • growing up in the Northwest and its impact on life
  • content creation and plans in songwriting and screenwriting for the upcoming year
  • participation in something like city council that I went to a meeting of prior to our time
  • his relationship and relationships in general
  • the value of collaboration and looking to do more of it
  • glad to have Chris on the show
Chris on episode 196

195: Dr. Gail Brenner | Psychology, Spirituality, Awareness, Being Present, And A Healing Ebook

Welcome psychologist Dr. Gail Brenner to episode 195 of the show~. She is a licensed Ph.D. psychologist with over 20 years of experience providing psychotherapy.

She received her B.A. from Carnegie-Mellon University, Ph.D. from Temple University, post-doc from the University of Florida, and took part in a clinical internship at the VA Hospital in Palo Alto, California. One specialty of hers is working with older adults during the transitions of the end of life period of aging.

Gail has worked with a variety of clients/patients, and speaking with her is a pleasure. We discussed a variety of topics, including:

Continue reading “195: Dr. Gail Brenner | Psychology, Spirituality, Awareness, Being Present, And A Healing Ebook”

194: Nelson | Rule Testing, Social Engineering, Strategy, Honesty And Confidence

  • Nelson on the show, family member to past guests Alex and Christi
  • Nelson was on the previous podcast I ran called That Guy Named Armen
  • we talked about truthfulness and strategy
  • lying as it relates to social manipulation and what it means
  • why you would want to check the rules of society
  • what value there is in leaving things as they are, versus agitating or playing with the social/rule-based framework we live in
  • some discussion about where the world is headed, or currently at
  • glad to have Nelson on the show

193: Maryann Hall | Observing Adopted Scandinavian Motorcyclist Describes Happenings

  • welcome Maryann to the show
  • this talk was recorded at The Langham Hotel in Pasadena
  • nice place to be in during the month of November in the Los Angeles area
  • we talked about observing others and noticing what is around
  • Maryann was adopted and that is a thing that impacts life
  • we went over some of the ins and outs of family
  • being left at Disneyland and found hours later
  • Maryann bullied in the past and built some strength from that
  • we did some accents and beats here and there
  • onward we go

192: Eve Mutso And Mary Mullen | Dancing, Choreography, Performance, And Working Together

  • welcome first-time guest dancer and choreographer Eve Mutso to the show~
  • return guest Mary Mullen is on this show with Eve as well
  • Eve from Estonia does great forms of dancing and choreography with various productions
  • she has worked with people of different physical abilities, complementing their styles with her own
  • she is friends with Mary, who has also designed clothing for her to wear during performance, as Mary handles costume design
  • Eve spreads kindness and an open-mindedness to the world
  • we discussed her upcoming goals in the performance space, and some features about people she and Mary resonate with
  • glad to have Eve and Mary on the show

191: Alan Gaskill | Storytelling, Inner Fears, Books, And A Look At Time Of Youth

  • welcome Alan to the show on episode 191
  • Alan brings a creative flair and a groundedness
  • we recorded the episode in his recently set up studio
  • talked about inner fears and how they link to youth
  • a story from long-lost parables, with Alan presenting it as the author would hope to have it performed
  • various discussion about books of note and their takeaways, including Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  • we went over what we would relay to our younger selves, or how we view some of the progression to our current state
  • a lot of interview converted to discussion on this one
  • glad to have Alan on the sh

190: On Knowing Self, Being Connected, Expression, And Transformation With Guest Angelix

  • welcome Angelix to episode 190 of the show
  • the numbers 1 and 9 are big in her being, and they are in 190 as well
  • we talked about a variety of topics in the more abstract category
  • these are ones about your internal state, and how you express yourself
  • we went over some details about what holds people back, or how their internal vision is a continuous block
  • we brought up Jim Carrey and the way his discussions are not stifled
  • the ways that we manifest things we are looking for in this world where we all connected as part of a collective
  • how a person can find their way to live less out of fear
  • a fun light-hearted episode with a lot of material for the internal
  • there is some rap and singing in this one
  • glad to have Angelix on the show~

189: On Melbourne Opera, Literacy Advocacy, And Protecting Your Energy With Guest Ren Barlow

  • welcome Ren Barlow from Australia to episode 189 of the show
  • this one was recorded on my phone outside a restaurant in Beverly Hills, so the quality is a bit more phone quality with some background sounds from people
  • the associated video for this episode will be at this link
  • she has done work for Melbourne Opera, and done various singing gigs
  • one of her large pushes is for improvement in literacy for children, with literacy being the way for them to grow from their environment
  • she also illustrates children’s books
  • we talked about the importance of protecting your energy and being kind
  • a bit as well about books and a book recommendation
  • glad to have had her~

188: On The Serving Mindset, Life Coaching, Juicing, And Yoga With Guest Farnoosh Brock

  • welcome guest Farnoosh to episode 188 of the show~
  • I met Farnoosh early on in the blogging days, with her site Prolific Living
  • From her bio, “Farnoosh Brock went from electrical engineer and rising leader at a Fortune 100 to business coach, entrepreneur and CEO of her company, which she runs today with her husband. In her coaching work, she shows business owners, professionals, entreprenuers and leaders to choose serving over selling in order to build deep trust with their customers and profitable sustainable businesses for their employees and the future. In addition to her latest book, The Serving Mindset: Stop Selling and Grow Your Business (2018), she is the creator of Crack the Code to Get Promoted, an advancement leadership course for corporate professionals as well as the author of The Healthy Juicer’s Bible (2013), The Healthy Smoothie Bible (2014), and The Big Book of Healing Drinks (2019). Find out more at  www.farnooshbrock.com.”
  • we discussed her book that released November 6th, called The Serving Mindset, which is about being of service to build your business instead of attempting to sell to grow it
  • knowing about objections from customers, and your own pricing, is very important to maintaining and building your business
  • some topics about sales and value were included
  • we also covered bits on juicing and her yoga practice
  • glad to have her on the show~

187: On Celebrity Styling, Clients, Personality, And Kindness With Guest Melissa Souza

  • welcome celebrity stylist Melissa Souza to the show on episode 187
  • from her bio, she “is an established celebrity, editorial, and commercial stylist, and is the owner/founder of Haven Street Style Studio”
  • we talked about a variety of topics including her abilities and skills
  • discussed fashion and our time at Los Angeles fashion week, including some of the shows she liked
  • a bit about personality and features of Melissa’s
  • there was some material about kindness and its value in public discourse
  • her assistant Charmina joined in with a message about how to conduct onesself in life
  • You can find her material on her website
  • glad to have her on the show~

186: Jackfruit Effort, Doing Things Yourself, And Halloween Festivity

  • welcome to the episode known as #186
  • the topic of putting effort to open jackfruit
  • it’s not easy to eat like a banana, but worth it, like life
  • you get value out of trying things yourself
  • there are those moments of high effort where time stops
  • the more of these you work with, the better prepared you are
  • life is not light, and your ability to respond is key
  • Halloween is here and many will dress up and be creative
  • festivities in West Hollywood and across the lands
  • P.S. – guest post by Gary on the blog