161: Some Shout Outs, A Message On Interpersonal Connection, And Timely Updates

  • welcome all to episode 161 of the show with Armen in the place
  • gave some shout outs to Julia, Rebecca, and Christi, with some reasoning for each individual
  • discussed how the people who fit you always want more of you
  • Julia’s quotes Instagram is at instagram.com/eretzyad
  • updates on current events including the volcano in Hawaii and the ending of the NBA year and upcoming World Cup next month
  • 161 out into the world~

160: On Self-Awareness, Discernment, Modeling, And Youtubing With Guest Rebecca

  • glad to have model and writer Rebecca Faith Lawson on the program
  • we brought up issues about self-awareness and matching what you put out
  • our time on this planet is not to do things we don’t resonate with
  • she has done modeling, but not always in forms that brought her joy
  • might she start a Youtube channel where she vlogs and shares?
  • it is up to us to present a framework for others to understand us better
  • if you have impetus to do something, reach for it
  • also, we did a Youtube vlog walking around and talking to people (link)
  • shout outs to Rebecca on episode 160 of the show~

159: Fear As It Relates To Knowledge, And Some Updates

  • fear is connected to how much you know in this world
  • understanding this lets you know how much you know
  • make the link between your own fear and your perceptions
  • updates on some Youtube clips and others
  • we move forward here on The Armen Show, on episode 159

158: The Moment Is But A Fleeting Blip For You To Join In

  • updates across the way on episode 158
  • April 24th was the Armenian Genocide remembrance
  • last week was the Coachella performance with many singers
  • an episode here with just me like back in the day
  • we have moments in time to do things
  • if we don’t reach for them, they float away

157: On Lightness And Darkness, Cognitive Associations, And Critical Thinking With Guest Christi

  • welcome guest Christi on episode 157 of the show~
  • the concepts of lightness and darkness, and their associations
  • many a people will associate dark with bad and light with good
  • included material on critical thinking, and how depth is worthwhile
  • many societal issues stem from topics that are not fleshed out by people
  • included a poem of Christi’s about the topic
  • discussed some places around the country that Christi has been to
  • glad to have her on the program

156: On The Yellow Life, English Heritage, And Stories With Guest Ella London

  • ray of sunshine yellow individual Ella London joins on episode 156~
  • she comes from the land of England, and always wears yellow
  • we discussed a variety of topics, including how the coloring started
  • linguistics and voice and beatboxing was brought up
  • it was a bit like an episode of the Craig Ferguson show(conversation)
  • my longest episode to date~
  • lot of fun, and glad to have Ella on the show

155: Egg Battles On Easter And Bicycle Kick Goal By Ronaldo

  • Armen T. informed me I should discuss the Easter game Armenians play
  • there is one involving hitting another’s egg with your egg to win theirs
  • it can be fun and involves colored eggs during the holiday
  • separately, I discuss here the goal Ronaldo made as a bicycle kick
  • doing more when you are already revered is only a winning situation

154: Making Something Of Your Own Versus Watching The Best Others

  • we have ratios of creation and consumption in our regular habits
  • both are fine, based on how they fit you
  • my message here is about how I prefer making at any level, versus seeing something that is amazingly produced
  • seeing an amazing production could be done by someone other than me
  • making an audio or video or article includes a bit of my thoughts and depth
  • adding a layer is something we can do to all that we see

153: Keeping Yourself In The Flowing Mindset When Difficulties Arise

  • we build things brick by brick, and keep a focus on steps being small
  • large steps ahead of us look too heavy to get moving on
  • when movement is in place, chips in your glass are not to be looked at
  • keep the bigger context in mind, and let the flow remain in place
  • your continuous efforts are way bigger than any small difficulty is valued
  • also included material fromĀ Skin In The Game about the intolerant minority
  • speaking out makes a few louder than the vast majority

152: On E-Gaming, Fortnite, Streaming, And Basketball With Guest Titan

  • guest Titan joins as guest on episode 152 of the show
  • we talked about the activity currently happening in Fortnite gaming
  • Titan has a history of gaming, and I spoke about my past gaming history
  • most of his is on consoles, while most of mine has been on computers
  • discussed Twitch streaming and the popularity of some channels
  • included material about basketball tournaments Titan has taken part in
  • nice individual with a competitive flare
  • glad to have him on the show~