201: Dr. Daniel Z. Lieberman | Dopamine, Creativity, Love, And Progression In “The Molecule of More”

Dr. Daniel Z. Lieberman, co-author of The Molecule of More: How a Single Chemical in Your Brain Drives Love, Sex, and Creativity–And Will Determine the Fate of the Human Race, joins on episode 201 of the show~.

He divides his time between teaching, writing, and patient care. He is a clinical psychiatrist who received his medical degree from New York University School of Medicine, after undergraduate work at St John’s College. He is Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at George Washington University, and is also Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • Dr. Lieberman’s career, and the steps he took to be where he is at
  • some of the nice features of the Great Books program at St. John’s College
  • the details of his co-written book that focuses on dopamine
  • anticipatory effects and the connection to the unexpected
  • how drugs give hits of dopamine, and the pull to return to them
  • percentages of rewards needed to keep people playing games or using social media
  • desire dopamine versus control dopamine, and how dopaminergic individuals can flourish
  • agentic and affiliative relationships, and the people who prefer each type
  • control dopamine’s importance inhibiting aggression driven by passion
  • 7R variant of the D4 receptor gene for dopamine and its link to migration
  • conservative and liberal perspective, and their connection to a dopamine or H&N(here-and-now) based set of neurotransmitters
  • liability of dopaminergic individuals, and their elements of most success
  • how to take into account one’s state for balance purposes
  • and more

You can check out his website here, or take a look at his book The Molecule of More on Amazon. It was voted on Forbes as one of the Must-Read Brain Books of 2018.

Glad to have Dr. Lieberman on the show.

200: Professor Scott E. Page | Modeling, Complex Systems, And Applications In “The Model Thinker”

  • welcome Professor Scott. E Page, Ph. D., of the University of Michigan, to episode 200 of the show
  • he currently teaches complex systems, computer science, and economics
  • also has taught an online course to initially 60000 people, and then a million people in its second iteration
  • on this episode, we discussed his career, many of the models presented in the book, and some applications of them in this world
  • many-models approach to modeling, that helps prevent modeling gaps
  • Markov models and their ability to represent an equilibrium state, with percentages representing transfer from one state to another
  • the impact of diversity on complex systems, which has been a large part of Professor Page’s focus, also in his earlier books The Diversity [Bonus] and Diversity and Complexity
  • how socioeconomic status is more likely to continue at the lower and upper bounds than for middle class folks, though they are 50% likely
  • discussion about entropy as representation of uncertainty, and how it differs from variance equitability of options
  • the Matthew effect of some support for something causing more support for it, causing a snowball
  • opioid models, and some of the issues with their treatment
  • we covered other topics not listed here, and it was great to speak with Professor Page about his material, which I am also interested in
  • you can check out The Model Thinker on Amazon, look at Professor Page’s Michigan webpage, or look at a listing of all his books.

199: Yossef Sagi | Spiritual Guidance Of Consciousness To Connection And Individuality

  • welcome Yossef to episode 199 of the show(last of the 100s)
  • this episode was recorded in Culver City and and set in place by Melanie
  • Yossef is a professional trainer coach from a spiritual framework
  • we discussed many elements of internal being
  • a story related to his kindergarten teacher and our impact on others by being our selves as we are
  • helping people build self-love instead of seeking what’s wrong with them
  • getting back to being a student when away from your craft for too long
  • how figures are often deified when there could be more focus on letting each of us be our own great light
  • going with your inner feeling as you progress through an endeavor or connection
  • Yossef’s participation in a repressive group and how he started to see it as off, and then exiting and seeing that kind of form
  • preventing oneself from hitting a plateau of growth that is comfortable
  • Yossef’s great message of what he would say to all
  • a cool description of myself and my way of action
  • great to have Yossef on the show~
  • the podcast he mentioned that he was on is RichardListens

198: Adapting To Change, And Taking Quantity To Quality

  • welcome to episode 198 of the show with only Armen
  • on this one I give some updates and bring up a couple of key points
  • talked about adapting to change with example of how publishers used to send me books to review or read
  • you have to work with conditions as they are and adjust
  • discussed reading the book on representative models
  • mentioned Scott H. Young article about quantity and quality
  • quality is a representation of quantity at depth
  • you can only get to the quality with the effort of quantity
  • characterized my episodes up until now, and ongoing
  • this is one of those updates episodes that explains the track
  • glad to have you listen

197: Titan Burl | Year-End Discussion With The Return Of The Baller

  • welcome Titan back on the show for episode 197~
  • went over end of year material including holiday time and events remembered on New Year’s
  • talked about 2018 reflection and fitness changes
  • fitness goals for the next year
  • sports played including volleyball and basketball
  • games being played and content being consumed, including Fortnite and comedians on the television
  • dynamics for developing of games with updates coming regularly
  • weight and height material over periods of Titan’s lifetime
  • glad to have Titan on

196: Chris Grounds | Northwestern Actlete Entertaining Through Acting, Singing, And Rapping

  • Welcome actor and entertainer Chris A. Grounds to the show~
  • recorded in Koreatown on two mics
  • we discussed how we met, where we met
  • playing basketball and what it is like to be an actlete
  • growing up in the Northwest and its impact on life
  • content creation and plans in songwriting and screenwriting for the upcoming year
  • participation in something like city council that I went to a meeting of prior to our time
  • his relationship and relationships in general
  • the value of collaboration and looking to do more of it
  • glad to have Chris on the show
Chris on episode 196

195: Dr. Gail Brenner | Psychology, Spirituality, Awareness, Being Present, And A Healing Ebook

Welcome psychologist Dr. Gail Brenner to episode 195 of the show~. She is a licensed Ph.D. psychologist with over 20 years of experience providing psychotherapy.

She received her B.A. from Carnegie-Mellon University, Ph.D. from Temple University, post-doc from the University of Florida, and took part in a clinical internship at the VA Hospital in Palo Alto, California. One specialty of hers is working with older adults during the transitions of the end of life period of aging.

Gail has worked with a variety of clients/patients, and speaking with her is a pleasure. We discussed a variety of topics, including:

Continue reading “195: Dr. Gail Brenner | Psychology, Spirituality, Awareness, Being Present, And A Healing Ebook”

194: Nelson | Rule Testing, Social Engineering, Strategy, Honesty And Confidence

  • Nelson on the show, family member to past guests Alex and Christi
  • Nelson was on the previous podcast I ran called That Guy Named Armen
  • we talked about truthfulness and strategy
  • lying as it relates to social manipulation and what it means
  • why you would want to check the rules of society
  • what value there is in leaving things as they are, versus agitating or playing with the social/rule-based framework we live in
  • some discussion about where the world is headed, or currently at
  • glad to have Nelson on the show

193: Maryann Hall | Observing Adopted Scandinavian Motorcyclist Describes Happenings

  • welcome Maryann to the show
  • this talk was recorded at The Langham Hotel in Pasadena
  • nice place to be in during the month of November in the Los Angeles area
  • we talked about observing others and noticing what is around
  • Maryann was adopted and that is a thing that impacts life
  • we went over some of the ins and outs of family
  • being left at Disneyland and found hours later
  • Maryann bullied in the past and built some strength from that
  • we did some accents and beats here and there
  • onward we go

192: Eve Mutso And Mary Mullen | Dancing, Choreography, Performance, And Working Together

  • welcome first-time guest dancer and choreographer Eve Mutso to the show~
  • return guest Mary Mullen is on this show with Eve as well
  • Eve from Estonia does great forms of dancing and choreography with various productions
  • she has worked with people of different physical abilities, complementing their styles with her own
  • she is friends with Mary, who has also designed clothing for her to wear during performance, as Mary handles costume design
  • Eve spreads kindness and an open-mindedness to the world
  • we discussed her upcoming goals in the performance space, and some features about people she and Mary resonate with
  • glad to have Eve and Mary on the show

191: Alan Gaskill | Storytelling, Inner Fears, Books, And A Look At Time Of Youth

  • welcome Alan to the show on episode 191
  • Alan brings a creative flair and a groundedness
  • we recorded the episode in his recently set up studio
  • talked about inner fears and how they link to youth
  • a story from long-lost parables, with Alan presenting it as the author would hope to have it performed
  • various discussion about books of note and their takeaways, including Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  • we went over what we would relay to our younger selves, or how we view some of the progression to our current state
  • a lot of interview converted to discussion on this one
  • glad to have Alan on the sh

190: On Knowing Self, Being Connected, Expression, And Transformation With Guest Angelix

  • welcome Angelix to episode 190 of the show
  • the numbers 1 and 9 are big in her being, and they are in 190 as well
  • we talked about a variety of topics in the more abstract category
  • these are ones about your internal state, and how you express yourself
  • we went over some details about what holds people back, or how their internal vision is a continuous block
  • we brought up Jim Carrey and the way his discussions are not stifled
  • the ways that we manifest things we are looking for in this world where we all connected as part of a collective
  • how a person can find their way to live less out of fear
  • a fun light-hearted episode with a lot of material for the internal
  • there is some rap and singing in this one
  • glad to have Angelix on the show~

189: On Melbourne Opera, Literacy Advocacy, And Protecting Your Energy With Guest Ren Barlow

  • welcome Ren Barlow from Australia to episode 189 of the show
  • this one was recorded on my phone outside a restaurant in Beverly Hills, so the quality is a bit more phone quality with some background sounds from people
  • the associated video for this episode will be at this link
  • she has done work for Melbourne Opera, and done various singing gigs
  • one of her large pushes is for improvement in literacy for children, with literacy being the way for them to grow from their environment
  • she also illustrates children’s books
  • we talked about the importance of protecting your energy and being kind
  • a bit as well about books and a book recommendation
  • glad to have had her~

188: On The Serving Mindset, Life Coaching, Juicing, And Yoga With Guest Farnoosh Brock

  • welcome guest Farnoosh to episode 188 of the show~
  • I met Farnoosh early on in the blogging days, with her site Prolific Living
  • From her bio, “Farnoosh Brock went from electrical engineer and rising leader at a Fortune 100 to business coach, entrepreneur and CEO of her company, which she runs today with her husband. In her coaching work, she shows business owners, professionals, entreprenuers and leaders to choose serving over selling in order to build deep trust with their customers and profitable sustainable businesses for their employees and the future. In addition to her latest book, The Serving Mindset: Stop Selling and Grow Your Business (2018), she is the creator of Crack the Code to Get Promoted, an advancement leadership course for corporate professionals as well as the author of The Healthy Juicer’s Bible (2013), The Healthy Smoothie Bible (2014), and The Big Book of Healing Drinks (2019). Find out more at  www.farnooshbrock.com.”
  • we discussed her book that released November 6th, called The Serving Mindset, which is about being of service to build your business instead of attempting to sell to grow it
  • knowing about objections from customers, and your own pricing, is very important to maintaining and building your business
  • some topics about sales and value were included
  • we also covered bits on juicing and her yoga practice
  • glad to have her on the show~

187: On Celebrity Styling, Clients, Personality, And Kindness With Guest Melissa Souza

  • welcome celebrity stylist Melissa Souza to the show on episode 187
  • from her bio, she “is an established celebrity, editorial, and commercial stylist, and is the owner/founder of Haven Street Style Studio”
  • we talked about a variety of topics including her abilities and skills
  • discussed fashion and our time at Los Angeles fashion week, including some of the shows she liked
  • a bit about personality and features of Melissa’s
  • there was some material about kindness and its value in public discourse
  • her assistant Charmina joined in with a message about how to conduct onesself in life
  • You can find her material on her website
  • glad to have her on the show~

186: Jackfruit Effort, Doing Things Yourself, And Halloween Festivity

  • welcome to the episode known as #186
  • the topic of putting effort to open jackfruit
  • it’s not easy to eat like a banana, but worth it, like life
  • you get value out of trying things yourself
  • there are those moments of high effort where time stops
  • the more of these you work with, the better prepared you are
  • life is not light, and your ability to respond is key
  • Halloween is here and many will dress up and be creative
  • festivities in West Hollywood and across the lands
  • P.S. – guest post by Gary on the blog

185: On Mental Health, Improv And People Connection With Guest La

  • Zvirby up in the building for episode 185
  • we went over the topic of mental health and concern for others
  • La talked about her helping of homeless people
  • She had made a care package for an individual she will find~
  • La has done improv and performs regularly
  • we tried doing an improv bit together but I am more about doing comedy improvically, which is different
  • discussed connection of people, and how we can reach out to others
  • we went over books we know of, and she liked You Are A Badass as well
  • glad to have La Zvirby on the show

184: The Return Of Los Angeles Fashion Week, And The People

  • Los Angeles Fashion Week is upon the Majestic Downtown in LA
  • The event continues its tradition of bringing together fashion, styles, models, designers, art, and people
  • I have seen some key individuals at the event including painter Crystal from episode 135 of the show
  • As well, Robby of future episode number ? had set up the event once more with assistance from others
  • Dancer and model Rayna from episode 140 up in the place and brought the flair
  • I like seeing people and meeting new people
  • I met another individual also named Crystal
  • May the fashion week continue to go smoothly with stylish shows of people with thematic ensembles

183: One Year Of The Armen Show

  • hello and welcome to episode to episode 183 of the show
  • it has been one year since I started the podcast on October 6, 2018
  • it is good to signify changing moments in time
  • we have had many guests and topics and series of discussions
  • on the way is continued science, guests, and happenings
  • there may be a more structured form of the show to happen
  • we look at making our own building among the other ones
  • glad to have had you all listening and joining thus far
  • to more~

182: On Video Game Design, Adversity, And Church With Guest Donald

  • welcome Donald on episode 182 of the show
  • discussed his entry into the video game design world
  • you can find this individual at Insomniac Games
  • we talked about adversity and what it can lead to
  • the challenges from before lead to the strength of now
  • included some content on relationships and/or relating with others
  • socializing is a theme we brought up about reaching out
  • we went over some books that Donald liked to read
  • also Donald’s church-going and his interest in faith
  • glad to have Donald up on the show

181: Character Building, Food Places, Simulation, And Self-Quotes

  • 181 in the building
  • character building with small efforts
  • you have to live up to your own mini-goals
  • also talked about food places that I have gone to
  • some of the popular places to eat
  • simulation theory concepts
  • if in a simulation, we are not able to even go out of bounds
  • make your own quotes
  • you don’t need to be checking other’s quotes
  • Los Angeles is not light

180: The Conversational Backpack As Your Toolkit For Socializing

  • welcome to episode 180 on the show~
  • this one inspired by idea from Mary M
  • the conversational backpack is your way to connect with others
  • you have your toolkit to work with
  • you can bring variety, change in tone, and spontaneity
  • you don’t want to be limited to one or two things when talking
  • sticking to one tone will bore the other person at some point
  • we want to be flowing and weaving like a river

179: On Relationships, Parents, And Habits With Guests Kim And Catie

  • welcome guests Kim and Catie on episode 179 of the show
  • we recorded this one on a sidewalk of a street in Los Angeles
  • first recording on a public sidewalk with people walking by
  • discussed relationships gone awry
  • also discussed parenting that wasn’t as desired
  • some elements of OCD were talked about
  • as often, we mentioned some books of interest in the fiction space
  • there were some life message in this one, and some tips for relationships
  • glad to have both Kim and Catie on the show

178: World Updates, Potential Audiobook Listening, And Having A Clear Target

  • welcome to episode 178
  • this one is a stream of consciousness type episode
  • we want all to flourish like a bird flying
  • mentioned some elements to complete in upcoming time
  • 2 author interviews in September and Robert Greene book in October
  • will check out an audiobook to see if that is a better way
  • having a target is the way to not let small issues throw you off
  • your target should include the elements along the way
  • the world is your world

177: Moving The Needle On Your Projects, And Voicing Your Path

  • episode 177 in the internets
  • this one inspired somewhat by Isaiah
  • you want to move the needle on your projects, and not just maintain
  • we want to have done more today than we could have done yesterday
  • voicing your path gets you toward there
  • your voice and thoughts are your direction maker, or rudder
  • we don’t have room for a path that isn’t ours
  • a little closing bit on Mac Miller and his departure
  • to more~

176: Avoidance, And The Fear And Issues Associated With It

  • the things we avoid are the things we get weaker in
  • bringing attention to a topic is the way to handle it
  • brushing it to the side gives it more weight than it deserves
  • we want to keep things light
  • things that are avoided grow bigger
  • it represents a fear within
  • you don’t want to give fear more energy or it can overpower you
  • you bring your focus like a light to the issue
  • what is something you have avoided?
    • is there something you can do about it?
    • can you target that thing?
    • who are you afraid will find out about it or will think less of you if they find out?
    • are you giving those people’s opinions too much credit?
  • sometimes we avoid what we don’t understand
    • can you look into it?
  • episode inspired by Mary

175: On Office Personalities, Podcasting Ideas, And Family Upbringing With Guests Jenny And Lucy

  • welcome Jenny and Lucy on episode 175 of the show~
  • this is the second double-guest episode of all
  • we discussed potential podcast topics that they might include in a show
  • what the podcast would be called, and how it would be presented
  • little houses and their appeal or interest factors
  • gym story and why it is key to be a good salesman if you are a salesman
  • heredity and the finding out of lineage information from 23andme
  • accents across the board for the fun
  • what each person likes about each person
  • life upbringing and how that leads to the person we are today
  • glad to have both J and L on the show

174: Viewing Moments As Their Own Entity, And Creative Input-Output Priorities

  • on this one I went over a few topics
  • better to make errors along the way than not do anything
  • we have times where the thing we did was the last time we would do that
  • view things as though that time is the only time that matters
  • including things as part of a group of times can lead to regret
  • the weight of regret is heavier than any comfort
  • description about time by the beach in Ventura
  • input is always lower in priority than output for creative types
  • your mind is to be kept in mind when doing anything

173: Discussing People Who Have Departed, And Mental Well-Being

  • welcome to episode 173 of the show
  • on this one I am talking about some of the people departed
  • Chester Bennington who left his singing career
  • Kate Spade who left her jewelry career and brand name
  • Anthony Bourdain and his chef and cooking career
  • xxxtentacion and his rapping popularity with the youth
  • I go over some of the things that matter most in life
  • mental well-being is the things that is bigger than socioeconomic status, wealth, popularity, or reverence
  • more to come on the show~

172: Being Interviewed About A Variety Of Topics By Guest Gary

  • things switch around here on episode 172 of the show
  • Gary(one of the two triple guests) interviews me on this one
  • he brought forward a variety of questions
  • questions went over some of the authors I liked, the people I am trying to reach, and the intent behind the content I put out
  • you can find out some of my reasoning for how I do the show
  • there was some good variety here, and I like being on the interview end, and would remain there if not more inclined to be on the hosting end
  • Gary knows audio editing and we did some compression on the episode to adjust audio levels
  • onward we go~

171: Kelp Man @Armen On Twitter, And The Focused Nature Of Text

  • welcome online to episode 171 palindrome fest
  • the story of Kelp Man and how he became
  • know the value of kelp for the ocean and what it brings
  • the greatness of text as a medium for communication
  • Twitter and Medium for their textiness
  • my story of someone asking me for my Twitter to use it
  • how to respond to the world
  • to more ocean rescues with Kelp Man

170: Chapter 1 And Half Of Chapter 2 Of She Has Her Mother’s Laugh By Carl Zimmer

  • we are in the 170s as episodes go
  • this one is about the first chapter and a half of Carl Zimmer’s most recent book
  • it is called She Has Her Mother’s Laugh, and it is about heredity/genes
  • this section included discussion of many scientists work early on
  • in the 1400s and 1500s and 1600s, people tried to show off lineage
  • many kings and prominent families wanted to show their power or clean family lines
  • inbreeding did not work well to keep family lineage going; forcing something = failure
  • scientists later in the 1800s and 1900s processed idea of heredity
  • deVries and Mendel and Darwin are all mentioned here
  • the book reads very storylike and progresses through time

169: August Songs, Science Book Author Interviews, And How All Brains Are Similar

  • welcome back to the show on episode 169
  • this show has some updates on August plans and output
  • a few rap songs will be coming out with choruses (Credit to R)
  • book author interviews and content summaries coming for The Human Instinct by Kenneth R. Miller and She Has Her Mother’s Laugh by Carl Zimmer
  • our brain and biochemical pathways are the same for nearly all people
  • don’t be fooled by the outside depictions of individuals
  • lot of tangents in this episode that connect to larger points
  • onward we go~

168: On The Youth, Music Shows, Venues, And Books With Guest Mary

  • welcome back Mary to the show possibly the first triple guest
  • nope I checked and Gary was the first triple guest, but close
  • we discussed the upcoming youth generation of 15-25 year olds
  • as well included topics on music shows and venues in the area
  • museums were mentioned a bit as Mary is on holiday
  • we brought up a book and author Mary reads from
  • she is normally in Scotland but we recorded this in Los Angeles
  • glad to have her on the show~

167: Real Estate, LA Activity, 10X, And Scheduling With Guest Ira Silver

  • Ira back on the show from episode 16 to episode 167~
  • including discussion of real estate and development plans
  • we talked about the Bird and Lime scooters all over LA
  • there was a GaryVee event we didn’t go to in DTLA
  • the value of scheduling, even if you adjust your schedule
  • having a focus is something you are telling yourself
  • glad to have Ira on, and good energy

166: Divergent Niches All Over The Place, But Convergence Remains

  • welcome to episode 166 of The Armen Show
  • this one is about the numerous niches that all have deviated into
  • the world is more spread out long tail than it was 20 years ago
  • the social media landscape dictates levels of divergence at any time
  • there is still a larger scale convergence or point of unity I mention here
  • understand all of us as part of one larger brain

165: Your Message Released Without Fear, Through The Filter Of Attention

  • do we have a message to put out there?
  • it has to battle against the attention-grabbing of everyone else
  • fear has no place in your output
  • the battle is already tough enough with the competition out there
  • let others try and limit you, but don’t help by limiting yourself
  • the value of timeless information you can come back to years later
  • we most forward on episode 165 of the show

164: Amazon Books And The Way Competition Expresses Itself

  • visited Amazon Books in the mall where there was once a Border’s
  • one bookstore replaced by another with a different ethos
  • competition doesn’t work with you but seeks to replace you
  • this is only if you don’t match what the world is seeking
  • always look to the audience for extra information on what is needed
  • this episode included a higher energy minute

163: Making Things On The Spot, E3 Updates, And Self-Awareness

  • hey to all the listeners
  • this one includes some updates from the E3 gaming convention I went to
  • also I discuss the framework of making things that fits you
  • you don’t want to try to fit into how someone else does things
  • the need for attention before a message can be gotten across
  • why I like Los Angeles not paying much attention to anything anymore

162: June Boom, Relevancy In 2018, And Reducing Friction

  • welcome to June and episode 162 in the place to be
  • what makes you relevant in 2018, as far as content creation, putting out a message, or advertising your business?
  • friction needs to be reduced if you want to get anything substantial out into the social marketplace
  • include people in your thing, and that can be as good as including yourself in their thing
  • one purpose of TV and movies is also described in this episode
  • glad to have you on the team

161: Some Shout Outs, A Message On Interpersonal Connection, And Timely Updates

  • welcome all to episode 161 of the show with Armen in the place
  • gave some shout outs to Julia, Rebecca, and Christi, with some reasoning for each individual
  • discussed how the people who fit you always want more of you
  • Julia’s quotes Instagram is at instagram.com/eretzyad
  • updates on current events including the volcano in Hawaii and the ending of the NBA year and upcoming World Cup next month
  • 161 out into the world~

160: On Self-Awareness, Discernment, Modeling, And Youtubing With Guest Rebecca

  • glad to have model and writer Rebecca Faith Lawson on the program
  • we brought up issues about self-awareness and matching what you put out
  • our time on this planet is not to do things we don’t resonate with
  • she has done modeling, but not always in forms that brought her joy
  • might she start a Youtube channel where she vlogs and shares?
  • it is up to us to present a framework for others to understand us better
  • if you have impetus to do something, reach for it
  • also, we did a Youtube vlog walking around and talking to people (link)
  • shout outs to Rebecca on episode 160 of the show~

159: Fear As It Relates To Knowledge, And Some Updates

  • fear is connected to how much you know in this world
  • understanding this lets you know how much you know
  • make the link between your own fear and your perceptions
  • updates on some Youtube clips and others
  • we move forward here on The Armen Show, on episode 159

158: The Moment Is But A Fleeting Blip For You To Join In

  • updates across the way on episode 158
  • April 24th was the Armenian Genocide remembrance
  • last week was the Coachella performance with many singers
  • an episode here with just me like back in the day
  • we have moments in time to do things
  • if we don’t reach for them, they float away

157: On Lightness And Darkness, Cognitive Associations, And Critical Thinking With Guest Christi

  • welcome guest Christi on episode 157 of the show~
  • the concepts of lightness and darkness, and their associations
  • many a people will associate dark with bad and light with good
  • included material on critical thinking, and how depth is worthwhile
  • many societal issues stem from topics that are not fleshed out by people
  • included a poem of Christi’s about the topic
  • discussed some places around the country that Christi has been to
  • glad to have her on the program

156: On The Yellow Life, English Heritage, And Stories With Guest Ella London

  • ray of sunshine yellow individual Ella London joins on episode 156~
  • she comes from the land of England, and always wears yellow
  • we discussed a variety of topics, including how the coloring started
  • linguistics and voice and beatboxing was brought up
  • it was a bit like an episode of the Craig Ferguson show(conversation)
  • my longest episode to date~
  • lot of fun, and glad to have Ella on the show

155: Egg Battles On Easter And Bicycle Kick Goal By Ronaldo

  • Armen T. informed me I should discuss the Easter game Armenians play
  • there is one involving hitting another’s egg with your egg to win theirs
  • it can be fun and involves colored eggs during the holiday
  • separately, I discuss here the goal Ronaldo made as a bicycle kick
  • doing more when you are already revered is only a winning situation

154: Making Something Of Your Own Versus Watching The Best Others

  • we have ratios of creation and consumption in our regular habits
  • both are fine, based on how they fit you
  • my message here is about how I prefer making at any level, versus seeing something that is amazingly produced
  • seeing an amazing production could be done by someone other than me
  • making an audio or video or article includes a bit of my thoughts and depth
  • adding a layer is something we can do to all that we see

153: Keeping Yourself In The Flowing Mindset When Difficulties Arise

  • we build things brick by brick, and keep a focus on steps being small
  • large steps ahead of us look too heavy to get moving on
  • when movement is in place, chips in your glass are not to be looked at
  • keep the bigger context in mind, and let the flow remain in place
  • your continuous efforts are way bigger than any small difficulty is valued
  • also included material from Skin In The Game about the intolerant minority
  • speaking out makes a few louder than the vast majority

152: On E-Gaming, Fortnite, Streaming, And Basketball With Guest Titan

  • guest Titan joins as guest on episode 152 of the show
  • we talked about the activity currently happening in Fortnite gaming
  • Titan has a history of gaming, and I spoke about my past gaming history
  • most of his is on consoles, while most of mine has been on computers
  • discussed Twitch streaming and the popularity of some channels
  • included material about basketball tournaments Titan has taken part in
  • nice individual with a competitive flare
  • glad to have him on the show~

151: Helping Someone Out On The Side Of The Road

  • I was getting on an onramp and saw a car starting to stall
  • his vehicle blocked one of the lanes of traffic going on the freeway
  • I parked in the side spot and got out to join and help him
  • he was happy someone was there to keep him from being stuck
  • you have opportunities to help people in need in some way

150: Fortnite, Epic Games, ZZT, And Games I Played In The Early 1990s

  • the currently popular game called Fortnite was created by Epic Games
  • they were started by Tim Sweeney in 1991/1992
  • he created ZZT, one of the earliest games I remember playing on computer
  • you could create your own worlds on it, just like some games today
  • people like the ability to modify
  • other ones I enjoyed from them were One Must Fall 2097(which the music for this episode comes from), Jazz Jackrabbit, and the Unreal Tournament series of games
  • a generation of youth is now playing games that continue this streak

149: Skin In The Game, And Listening More Than Talking

  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb has a new book called Skin In The Game
  • it highlights the importance of being invested in what you talk about
  • you should be feeling the bad or good consequences of your actions
  • long ago we had more emotional connection to our life decisions
  • separately, listening is a key aspect to connecting with others
  • talking is fine sometimes, but listening is not done much these days

148: Pictures With Words On Them, And Starcraft Gaming Of The Past

  • lately I have been making pictures with words or screen names on them
  • it combines the real with the verbal or internet-type material
  • everyone has things they can make or choose to post
  • used to play Starcraft with a crew, and it was a great cooperative game
  • we would battle against enemies, but worked together as a unit

147: On The Camino De Santiago, Travels, And Writings With Guest Klaudia

  • guest Klaudia joins on episode 147 of The Armen Show, with two books
  • one of her books catalogs her happenings on a 40-day excursion called the Camino de Santiago, across hundreds of miles
  • it expresses how she discovered herself through the process
  • her other book is a children’s book with illustrations of her own
  • traveling is discussed in this episode, along with places Klaudia has been
  • getting out of one’s comfort zone is one of the key points of traveling
  • we bring up the Golden Cage concept, and may elaborate on it next time
  • glad to have her on the show~
  • feel free to check out her website and IG

146: Less Is More, And Expansion Followed By Consolidation

  • this life allows us to organize things we do as we choose to
  • doing less can be much more than trying to do all
  • especially in Los Angeles or other big cities, organization is key
  • you can only manage your framework if you manage your use of time
  • expand what you do for a period, and then consolidate into main points
  • keep what you choose to, and then your world is well-chosen

145: Vegan Street Fair 2018 And Other Event Discussion

  • the Vegan Street Fair happened today in North Hollywood
  • it is an event of people who don’t eat meat or anything not from plants
  • saw some people I recognized, which is a nice part of building connection
  • there were a bit too many lines next to each other, which doesn’t make for connecting with people as much as it does for sales
  • mentioned some other topics related to advice-giving and recent events
  • take part in events that suit you in some way or another

144: The Challenges That Social Media Has, And Potential Growth Concerns

  • bringing it live on episode 144, 12 squared, about social media trust
  • users have lately mentioned their concern, and are deleting profiles
  • there is a challenge regarding what will be used in the next decade
  • apps and services use the user as a product, but it isn’t transparent
  • people exiting the social media platforms can save all their data

143: Questions And Answers Across Los Angeles In Instagram

  • brought back my theme from Snapchat of Q/A through LA
  • one person asks a question and the next person answers it
  • meet some great people through the process, and connect others
  • it’s great to reach out to see who is out there and more
  • your people are somewhere, and likely will gravitate to you
  • the compilation clip might end up on Youtube
  • I tag people along the way so they can watch if they like

142: Past Snapchat And Youtube Video Projects, And Video/Vlogging Plans

  • I made a lot of Snapchat/Instagram/Youtube clips with various people around the county of Los Angeles
  • some of them involved themes or messages that came to be videos
  • looking to not only get the vlog going in place, but also add new clips
  • snippets with various people would be included, with tags of all
  • look out for upcoming videos to supplement the podcast
  • they will be on The Armen Show channel on Youtube

141: On Performing At Shows And The Musical Space With Guest Gary

  • Gary of episode #3 fame returns to the show, having performed at venues
  • he continues to sing and song-write, and has added performing to the mix
  • we discuss his experiences playing music at places like The Mint and Trip
  • audience understanding and feel is reviewed
  • similar to the last episode with Rayna, we included a memorable life story
  • the intro/outro to this episode is from his song called “Gone Home”
  • eraser game from my youth was also detailed here

140: On Dancing, Quotes, LA Fashion Week, And Relationships With Guest Rayna

  • welcome dancer/modeler Rayna as guest on episode 140 of the show~
  • we discussed how she has done dancing for many years
  • involved information about certain quotes of note, and never forget that “not all peas are the same size”
  • the idea that seeing how notable people interact with others, and who they have on their supporting crew, is very informative
  • birthdays and what makes them great
  • she had on self-made jewelry which stands out among the regular
  • went over a funny past relationship story and messages to take from it
  • Alex from Target and connection to firefighter story at library recently
  • check out her IG @raynarebrovic

139: Waiting Means You Have Something To Do

  • there is no room for waiting in this fast-moving life
  • when you are waiting for something, you could be doing more
  • preparation is something that can be done at all times, with repetition in place
  • we have moments to make special presentations, and those moments pass quickly

138: Communicating Without The Details Most Are Looking For

  • I usually communicate in a meta manner that leaves out details
  • those details can be of interest to most listeners
  • it’s worth adjusting mode of communication for those around you
  • looking at the audience is a worthwhile effort
  • lastly, do things your way and the world can come to you

137: Keeping High Energy, Creation Of Events, And Storytelling

  • you have to keep your energy flowing regardless of outside circumstances
  • the rain has been rolling solid in Los Angeles on and off for the past month
  • storytelling is done well by Jamie Foxx when he builds up a notable name
  • Los Angeles Fashion Week went well and was a smooth creation
  • variety is necessary at times to alter the way things are looked at

136: Being The Lemon With The Seeds For Content Creation

  • fruits and plants have evolved over thousands of years to keep going
  • lemons/apples have seeds that are their continuity, but zero value to others
  • they provide value in terms of the sugary and fibrous parts of their fruit
  • the value proposition of sellers should include value for both sides
  • podcasts may have 80% informative/entertaining content, but 20% ads
  • the freemium model for services also follows the rules of seller/sellee value

135: On Painting, Expression, And Communication With Guest Artist Crystal Lyn

  • welcome Crystal to episode 135 of the show on painting and her works
  • Crystal has done over 70 separate pieces, with style thick squiggly clouds
  • many colors are used, but it is always on a white background
  • we discussed painting and arts like poetry and movies
  • Crystal brought up some great info about introversion and communication
  • great message for what a person wanting to express themselves should do came from Crystal around the 18th minute
  • find her paintings on Instagram at @iamcrystallyn

134: Popular Podcast Themes And Analysis, And Some News With Guest Mary

  • welcome back guest Mary on episode 134 of the show
  • representing for Scottish Ballet and the country of Scotland
  • we discussed podcast names and what they might be about
  • also looked at what they were about and if they seemed interesting
  • some mentioned were Invisibilia, Tangentially Speaking, and The Daily
  • mentioned the news about school walkouts and a new story in the UK today

133: LA Fashion Week Interviews And Happenings At The MacArthur

  • joined in on the first day of the fashion event happening at the MacArthur
  • saw and ran into some cool singers and dancers I have gotten to know and made videos with before
  • saw the runway walking happen, and had not been there live before
  • met painter Crystal who may be on a later episode of this show, and saw some of her paintings that she did
  • take part in events or activities that suit some form of your energy or interests
  • don’t stop moving~

132: When I Reached Out To Daniel Kahneman, And Bringing Enough Value

  • Daniel Kahneman wrote the book Thinking, Fast and Slow
  • when I reached out for an interview, he wasn’t inclined to take part
  • today’s episode of Hidden Brain podcast included him in on their 100th
  • people are too busy to work with you mainly if you don’t bring enough value
  • find out how you can bring more, or if the situation fits you
  • included some tangential messages about life and understanding

131: Graphs And Charts From Enlightenment Now By Steven Pinker

  • Steven Pinker has a recent book called Enlightenment Now about progress
  • it includes descriptions of humanity’s growth in wealth/health/life quality
  • here I discussed some of the charts in it and what they represent
  • includes content on global GDP changes and child mortality rates
  • message of the book is that the baseline of the world population has risen
  • recommended by Bill Gates as one of top 2 books of 2018 so far

130: On Speech Therapy, Literature, And A Reverse Interview With Guest Rachel

  • welcome guest Rachel on episode 130 of the show
  • we discussed speech therapy and the importance of the field
  • the presence of Xanga and temporally specific sites/services of past usage
  • went over some books of note because you know we always include books
  • brought up some of the background behind my content-making
  • intro/ending/transition music made by Alex from episode 48


129: Spelling Bee Foibles, And Moments Of Focus

  • when I was little I was in spelling bee competition
  • at a county spelling bee I got nervous and spelled slingshot wrong
  • those times when you focus on something are remembered later
  • did you take part in some cool periods of focus or competitions?
  • be the sharpened pencil and not the one that is not sharpened

128: Stream Of Consciousness, And Making A Record Of Past Content

  • doubling of numbers on the scale of 2s
  • potentially will create a video or content that catalogs all my making
  • having a record of things you have done is key for new people to see
  • the things we say today look old in a few years
  • stick with your viewpoint in the face of adversity

127: Physics And Discussion With Gia, And Mentioning The Vlog

  • did a vlog with Gia who came from a physics conference in LA
  • she is into physics, and many scientists I interviewed were there
  • the vlogs go up on The Armen Show channel on Youtube
  • you can run into people who share some interests
  • Gia did a comedy show touring across the country about science

126: Exclusivity Is On The Rise

  • society is becoming more exclusive over time in this current cycle
  • this is visible through interacting with Los Angeles County
  • it is worth looking at past trends and how they relate to the moment
  • access to the individuals of high control reduces by percents yearly
  • getting into places labeled as nice is less doable for the average person

123: Responding To A Seizure, And Looking At Your Response

  • I saw someone have a seizure after falling from a chair
  • no one responded until I got up and made a point of the moment
  • the fire department came and took the person away
  • look at the responses of the people around you and what they do
  • we have chances in life to show how we lead the moment

122: Making Things Since Back In The 1900s

  • look back at old things you have made or took pictures of
  • some of my yearbooks were made by me and looked different
  • one included spaces for each person I knew at the time
  • the way you were when you were little is very close to how you are now
  • examine any changes that took places and how you worked through issues

121: Some Of The Notable Clubs In Los Angeles County

  • clubs are where people go to socialize, network, and enjoy time with others
  • the Bungalow is a trendy spot in Santa Monica that has a fraternity theme
  • the Edison in downtown Los Angeles is classy and good for suits/dresses
  • Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood is nice due to its multi-purpose backroom
  • Skybar at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood has a pool in the middle

120: 100 Episodes In 100 Days, And Building A Foundation To Focus On

  • episodes every day since November 21, 2017, to today, = 100 in 100
  • reduction of entropy mentioned in Enlightenment Now by Steven Pinker
  • Bill Gates views Enlightenment Now as one of top two books of 2018
  • not getting thrown off by having a base that you focus on
  • a comedy bit about grass on the lawn
  • matching universal principles of life to keep going smoothly

119: On Scotland, Scenic Places, And Performing Arts With Guest Mary

  • Mary hails from the land known as Scotland, in the city of Glasgow
  • abilities in fashion and costume related to performing/ballet
  • mentioned scenic places to visit around Glasgow, and the local lakes
  • the folk music and festivities that happen in that region
  • books in the fiction category and their use as an escape
  • glad to have Mary on the show for the first time

118: Extroverts And Introverts Hannah Stocking Video

  • video posted from Hannah Stocking about introverts and extroverts
  • this episode talks about the message from there
  • extroverts seek dopamine and introverts seek acetylcholine/serotonin
  • the internet is more packed with introverts in total
  • other connections between people mentioned and known about

117: How And Why To Meet And Connect With New People

  • reaching out to new people is an option we all have
  • are there really strangers? or are they people for you to know
  • there is an opportunity loss when you don’t reach out
  • this is one of my more functional episodes, like a how-to
  • the next person you see could be your future business partner

116: Increasingly Living On Your Own Terms, At Least Partially

  • being on your own terms means that things will be less able to throw you off
  • examine how affected you are by outside variables
  • freedom is a big part of a healthy mindset, and a main focus of wealthy folks
  • looking to reach out to other podcasters for guest appearances
  • your own framework is the key to your own terms, and others have theirs

115: Going Over Musical Performance By Gary Kazazian At The Mint

  • you build up expertise in any area that you have talent in
  • Gary sang and played guitar to an audience of people
  • the flow was smooth, and the singing is of a warm nature
  • performing for an audience is a key step in getting content out
  • when you do things, you clear up any issues that come up

114: Intro To When By Daniel Pink, And The Art Of Timing

  • got two new books including When by Daniel H. Pink on timing
  • also got The Influential Mind by Tari Sharot on influence
  • will be reading Daniel H. Pink’s book and taking notes
  • timing is key, and we have different energy levels throughout the day
  • take advantage of the natural opportunity timings that show up

113: Following Up On Some Of The Personal Development Writers

  • I used to write articles in 2009 with some people who are still posting today
  • Srinivas Rao puts out a podcast and content called Unmistakable Creative
  • Gretchen Rubin continued her Happiness Project articles and book
  • Celestine Chua visited me from Singapore, and continues her personal development and excellence content
  • take note of who remains and who is gone in some category after some time

112: Go Where You Are Being Invested In

  • you want to be where people are investing in you instead of the inverse
  • some feedback on other podcasts I have checked out
  • why your story is only yours to tell
  • a small story of a city in Los Angeles and how it was developed
  • expressing thoughts in a way where it would be clear if written out

111: The People Who Are In Early Are The People Who Match You

  • Kevin Simler and his nice message, and why I match with some people
  • the people who support you first in a new project are your main people
  • the people who come in later are also supporters, but not your core base
  • I was going to do interviews around the All-Star game, but didn’t feel it
  • do things that match your feelings, and don’t force action

110: Do Things Before You Are Not Able To, And First Person Is Best

  • Jay-Z worked with Chester Bennington and crew before Chester passed
  • you have opportunities you won’t be able to work on later
  • seeing things and feeling them in person is better than secondhand
  • if you are going to comment on something, check your own actions first
  • recap of Sunday and basketball time

109: Nicknames In Use, And Why Showcasing Your Failings Is Good

  • I had nicknames like Spermin and Stupid Armen in the past
  • nicknames can be used to represent something good about a person
  • examples of nicknames I have used and given to others
  • take the failings that you had in the past and showcase them
  • self-esteem means that people knowing your mistakes is fine

108: Not Being Too Serious, And Basic Forms Of Signaling

  • this is NBA All-Star Weekend and there are a lot of festivities
  • don’t be too serious in life, as heaviness is usually compensation
  • there are light forms of signaling that work on many people
  • if your perspective is shared by many, voicing it helps them
  • if your perspective is shared by few, voicing it represents for you

107: The Most Visited Cities Around The World In 2017

  • went over a list of the most visited cities around the world
  • included my thoughts on each region, including ones in the US
  • Europe and Asia are high on the list of visited continents
  • most popular areas are areas near a river by a big central hub
  • some of the most visited cities were news to me

106: Many Podcasts Are One Hour Long And Posted Once A Week

  • feedback on research into other podcasts that exist
  • many are about an hour long and posted once a week
  • Tuesday is a popular day that people post
  • telling your story is the only way to have your story known
  • holidays are socially engineered, but can be worked with

105: On Book Club, Vase Face, And Personality With Guest Kaylia

  • Kaylia from YouTube channel Vase Face on the show
  • have been on her channel a couple times
  • discussed books, as well as the book club she is currently running
  • personality features like introverted feeling, and developing it
  • plans for 2018 on the YouTube, and in graduate school
  • glad to have her on the show

104: Going Over My Interview With Kevin Simler And Robin Hanson

  • authors of The Elephant in the Brain
  • questions and concepts from their book and my interview with them
  • hidden motives and manipulation that happens everywhere
  • looking at alternatives to what we have in the world
  • keeping a rational view of discourse and criticism
  • glad to have had these two authors take part in the text interview~

103: How Blockchain Matches The Way The Universe Works

  • blockchain’s ledger matching the universal forward progression
  • how we are not able to cancel what has already been done
  • other podcasts I have examined and learned from
  • Oprah’s SuperSoul, or the Joe Rogan Experience
  • what my podcast represents, and how I am implementing that

102: Using Evernote Notebooks, And How Mine Are Organized

  • interesting information notebook and its value
  • books notebook that has my notes for the books I’ve read
  • previous iterations of content I have made in different notebooks
  • my comedy notebook where I wrote material for sets I did
  • using Evernote to organize the parts of your life that matter to you

101: Discussing People’s Quotes From Tribe Of Mentors

  • “Be polite, on time, and work really hard until you are talented enough to be blunt, a little late, and take vacations and even then… be polite”
  • “Celebrate the childlike mind”
  • “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing”
  • “Think for yourself. Everyone has a unique picture of how things work and function, and yours is as valuable as anyone’s”
  • “If it’s already common knowledge, it’s probably too late to make a major contribution. If you’re the only one excited, you may be deluding yourself”
  • “Be present”
  • “We can’t control the fact that bad things are going to happen but it’s how we react to them that really matters.”
  • “Macro patience. Micro speed.”
  • “When you stop caring about being right in the eyes of everyone, it’s amazing how little you care to waste energy trying to convince people of your view”

100: Looking Forward Beyond The First 100 Episodes

  • we have made it to episode 100
  • checking out how I can improve and streamline the posts
  • noting the great guests along the way
  • looking at other podcasts to see what is different or notable
  • working toward great results, glad to have y’all on board~

Examining Other Podcasts To Learn From Them, And Tribe Of Mentors | TheArmenShow Episode 099

  • looking at other podcasts like This American Life and Serial
  • examining what they have that I can learn from or do
  • how longevity can lead the way to nice results
  • Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss and my short look at it thus far
  • something cool about the authors of the last book I read

Lottery Anonymity, And What Happens When You Close Your Eyes | TheArmenShow Episode 098

  • lady winning the lottery and wanting to remain anonymous
  • how relevant anonymity is when having large funds
  • how closing your eyes gives you perspective on your world
  • some book updates and a little bit on the rocks

My Rocks Collected At Malibu Beach, And Super Bowl Party | TheArmenShow Episode 097

Glad to have you back on episode 97. Some of us like collecting things, and I recently collected a bunch of rocks when at Malibu Beach, and many of them are nice. In this episode, I discuss:

  • the colors and shapes of the rocks I collected
  • people around the beach who saw the collecting and noticed
  • what I might do with the rocks, and how they look
  • the super bowl party that we had, and how it was inclusive

These rocks were publicly available, and I went and searched them out. This is a nice message about life, in that some things you like are already out there waiting for you. I might find more later. Glad for your listening~

Shout Out Sunday To The People, And Happenings As Of Late | TheArmenShow Episode 096

Sometimes you want to update about what is occurring, and shout out the people who make things or do things you know about. This is a nice thing you can do regularly. The people around us are the people we can connect with. In this episode, I discuss:

  • Toby Emerson and his cool music I have used on my Youtube and here
  • Gary Kazazian music I used for intro, and his planned gig at The Mint
  • Kenny bringing NotSocks to the people who want socks but not socks
  • Gary Vee and his latest book Crushing It that is out in the public
  • Alex and his EDM music I used as an intro, and his music-making
  • Alicia from earlier episode bringing life to life, and also clothes/gems
  • Jane with the Grayson power plant expansion and good fitness

People are our world, and we have to shout them out as applicable. We can do more things if we reach out and try connecting in different ways.


How The Super Bowl Causes Congregation, And Including People’s Work | TheArmenShow Episode 095

We are in the February. This one, episode 95, is on socially-known events like the Super Bowl, and making use of them for social happenings. There are not that many things that a lot of people know about, especially as the amount of niches grows in size. In this episode, I discuss:

  • the way that big events causes group energy that is atypical
  • making use of things like the super bowl to congregate
  • why you should include the people you know in what you do
  • some examples of including others in my own stuff

Even if something doesn’t fit you exactly, you can match with the part of it that does fit with you. We don’t have to take in all the elements of something that doesn’t fit, in the same way that you don’t have to eat every food at a buffet. Adjust what you go with, and leave the rest for others to be. Also, inclusiveness is a nice gesture. Through the 90s we go~

Why Performance Is Necessary, And The Teams Society Is Made Of | TheArmenShow Episode 094

We are in the 90s like it is like 1994. This is episode 94, and the intro music is “Gone Home” by Gary Kazazian, and possibly Kaspar Kazazian as well. It is also in the outro. Music is always good for variety purposes. The Elephant In The Brain is now a book we have gone through and finished, and we move through February. In this episode, I discuss:

  • performance of a skill being paramount to preparation and reading about it
  • using your abilities in person to hone down what needs to be worked on
  • how we see political, religious, and sports fan teams in society
  • the teams that I identify with, and what I like to see more of

Taking the concepts from something you learned is important. You can’t just let them float away, or you won’t internalize anything. When I read a book, I include concepts from it in my discussions and actions, so that the book had an impact on my life.

Also, on a separate note, Bill Gates liked the upcoming book Enlightenment Now by Steven Pinker(it’s not out yet), and I have read a few books that Bill has also read. We have a similar interest in books and knowledge. Maybe I will get back to getting advanced copies of books like when it was 2010 and my blog was booming. Onward we go.

The Elephant In The Brain – Chapters 13 To 17 | TheArmenShow Episode 093

This one is the closer as far as the chapters of the latest book I have been reading, which is The Elephant In The Brain. It was a cool book, and informed a lot about why people do much of what they do, and how we can learn about ourselves through that. In this episode, on the first of the month of February, I discuss:

  • how the educational system is about signaling and certification
  • the ways that medicine is about conspicuous caring more than healing
  • the details of religion that make it about loyalty and group effort
  • politics and the way it brings people into certain categories

We can do a lot once we realize the hidden motives we have, the ones others don’t share, and the ones that are built into institutions. We can adjust how we present ourselves, and design things so they are aligned with people’s actual motives. Glad to have you check out the content on this book, and keep a look-out for that interview article in February.

The Elephant In The Brain – Chapters 8 To 12 | TheArmenShow Episode 092

Knowledge is the way, and we keep it moving on The Elephant In The Brain. This one gets into some more of the chapters on sections of society and the hidden motives that go with them. I discuss:

  • how laughter represents more than something being “funny”
  • the way that conversation is used to showcase one’s own ability
  • where consumption is used to present an image of abundance
  • the impracticality of art and its underlying subtext of high fitness
  • the way that charity is nearly always conspicuous in nature

These chapters flowed well, and the concepts link through them, regarding how a person uses the world to represent themselves better. The next episode will be on the last chapters of the book, which are 13 through 17, and then I will have an interview article in February with the two authors. Glad to have y’all on board this podcast in January, and we move on to February 2018.

Nostalgia, And How It Is Popular With Internet Users | TheArmenShow Episode 091

People like looking back at the past and seeing it as a good time. This is also a practical business opportunity of our day. Whether it was Mario or some band, there is an emotional connection to a time we lived in many years ago. In this episode, I discuss:

  • how nostalgia has been becoming popular on the internet
  • how the age of internet users is related to this
  • some of the things I remember from early times
  • a separate note about how I am perceived by the general public

We are in now, and the future is later, but many are linked to a time of the past, as it reminds of an easier setting. We connect with that past moment when feeling like it disappeared. Episode 91 represented for the 90s, and for some, it is the 80s or the 70s or the 00s. Onward we go through 2018

The Elephant In The Brain – Chapters 5 To 7 | TheArmenShow Episode 090

Self-deception is the name of the game. I am continuing to read through The Elephant In The Brain, and it has great insight into the hidden content in our society. Not everything is always revealed, and a lot is kept underneath for multiple reasons. Episode 90 is about:

  • self-deception, both as a defense and a method of manipulation
  • how our minds process in a modular sense, and piece thoughts together
  • the split-brain experiments revealing how the brain comes up with answers
  • what body language tells us about status and dominance

There is a lot to look at in the world, and I often focus on the brain, people, and how we relate to each other, based on evolutionary underpinnings of our current moment. This book gets into that. More onward, and chapters to come

Shows I Have Watched Over The Years | TheArmenShow Episode 089

I have not watched many shows on television or the internet in my lifetime, but I have watched a few. This episode is meant to go over some of them. It’s episode 89, and we are here in the land of internet.

  • shows like The Office and Entourage that I watched many episodes of
  • the categories of content I have checked or know about
  • how I have watched more Youtube clips than shows
  • the fact that I read more than I watch stuff at times

The tech show I mentioned called Diggnation was not bad, run by Kevin Rose and his sidekick Alex Albrecht, and had some good info on the technology and services of the day. Different shows have different purposes. Hope you enjoyed some info on my past show viewing.

Popular Podcasts, Sticking To Strengths, And A Decade Of Socializing | TheArmenShow Episode 088

Double 8’s in the building. I mentioned staying humble in this episode, as it was mentioned that bragging is not a thing to do often in The Elephant In The Brain. This one was mostly about podcasts that are out there, and in this episode, I discuss:

  • some of the top and popular personal podcasts
  • how the people running them use their abilities/strengths
  • why I and others should stick to the strengths that we have
  • how socializing has been a part of my life for some time now

Shout outs to Live Room LA that I mentioned in this episode. A lot of realizations happen before the episodes, but some linkages are made during episodes, and what I present is a network of thoughts. Socializing can lead you to a network of people that looks like my network of thoughts.

The Elephant In The Brain – Chapters 1 Through 4 | TheArmenShow Episode 087

You know books will be read, and I will happen to be one of the people who reads them. The Elephant In The Brain is the current one, and it is by Kevin Simler and Robin Hanson. It is mostly about hidden motives people have and act on. This episode is a summary of chapters 1 through 4, including:

  • how altruism has a competitive side to it
  • types of competition that exist between animals
  • how signals are used to identify quality of person or mate
  • elements of cheating and ways people do it discreetly

The book reads pretty easily, and has examples from animals and the past. The actual nature of society is represented in it. This is my first book of 2018 I will be reading in full, with a follow-up interview. It was put out very recently(few weeks ago), and I like when books are relatively new. Onward we go to more reading and content.

The Elephant In The Brain, Hidden Motives, And Science Authors | TheArmenShow Episode 086

I got some new books in and some new content to share as always. This one includes some about those books, tangents like Kaylia’s book club episode, and other variety with people.

  • new books I got from the library after I returned Homo Deus
  • The Elephant In The Brain, the next book I will read and interview on, by Kevin Simler and Robin Hanson
  • also got the book Who Can You Trust? by Rachel Botsman
  • my friend Johnny’s birthday, and some socialization(he was in episode 6)

Looking forward to reading this book, and I see out the hidden motives that people present. I always see them quite directly.

Fast-Paced Episode On Assertiveness, Group Messages, And Having Years To Go | TheArmenShow Episode 085

This is another one of those episode where I talk fast. Time goes quickly in it, and a lot is mentioned. These episodes have a fun flair to them, but I don’t know if I will do them often. I might. In it, I discuss:

  • being assertive with orders of food like with the haircut
  • group messages and how they are not my style
  • some book info as I always throw that in
  • the concept that you have many years to go to get somewhere

I was able to say a lot here, in the course of the 10 minutes or so. That is a nice feature. It takes a lot of breath, but it’s nice to share the content. 85 episodes in 85 episodes out

Particles On A Big Spinning Rock For Some Time | TheArmenShow Episode 084

One past listener mentioned that you never know what you will get when you listen to The Armen Show, and he was right, for the most part. There is variety in what I put out, but there are continuous themes I am about. In this episode, I discuss:

  • how I view much other publicly available popular content
  • my perspective on the world and what we are on it
  • how presenting your perspective is needed to speak your side
  • seeing similar content across books, and recognizing authors

I look to bring more value through episodes over time, and I seek to find out ways to do that and connect with other material out there. To the show being better and better.

Get Your Hair Cut The Right Way, With That Toby Emerson Music | TheArmenShow Episode 083

Hey all in the world. It’s episode 83 in the building, and this is based on the hair cutting I had, as well as some music and happenings in the book world. In this episode, I discuss:

  • my hair cut experience, and how responsiveness is good
  • plans with upcoming books and what I am looking at
  • different types of breads based on their sizes
  • the music used in the intro or outro (if you heard it)

I always connect real life situations to what you can take from them. Taking this information, you too can remember to look at your situations.

Laguna Beach, And The Stories That Are Written Or Embellished | TheArmenShow Episode 082

What are the stories that we write? What happened with the Laguna Beach show, or the other reality shows with characters from these smaller beach towns? How did they expand the view of who they were in the public eye? In this episode, I discuss:

  • the reality shows and how they built up a story
  • how it can be embellished or exaggerated to present a view
  • to give people your own story, with a beginning, middle, and end
  • thinking about what the beginning of a story of yours would be

Marketing and branding has changed how we look at some people, who are, in fact, people like the others who walk by us. Perspective changing takes a lot of strategy, and some people apply it. To more understanding of the world~

Books Come Out After The Majority Is Done, And Doing Deep Work | TheArmenShow Episode 081

9×9 is 81 and we are here. The weather is colder and we have some wind today. This episode brought out the usual networking of concepts. In it, I discussed:

  • putting fear to the side when making moves
  • editor John Brockman and his book I’ll be looking at soon
  • how books come out after the hard work has already been done
  • doing deep work that requires hours of non multi-tasking focus
  • keeping insular about the things that matter

Cal Newport wrote that book Deep Work to influence people to stick with a goal for a few hours at a time. This is a good thing. Doing heavy work is the way to be. 81 episodes in and the days fly by.

Keeping Things Actual In The Present Moment | TheArmenShow Episode 080

We got to another decade in the set of episodes. This one connects off of running into an old acquaintance. What an interesting world we live in. We can connect with many. In this one, I go over:

  • connecting with people around the world as much as applicable
  • how my acquaintance gave me some good information
  • keeping it in the present moment
  • not focusing on likes or views
  • being about the people

Glad to run into this individual, and he was going to a conference this weekend. The world is a fun place.

The Reasoning For Everyday Episodes, And More Messages | TheArmenShow Episode 079

Why do we keep up a rhythm? What does it say about who we are, our consistency levels, or our ability to respond to the world at large? It is a message of sorts. In this episode, I discuss:

  • why the show goes up every day
  • how I have switch to 128 kbps instead of 320 kbps output
  • a little bit about content from Homo Deus on keeping death away
  • linear versus networking ways of communicating
  • tone-based communication

We can always throw variety into the world that we see. Should it always be structured and regular? Onward~

Music I Have Liked, Including Trance, Beats, And Vocals | TheArmenShow Episode 078

Music is a big part of the world. Alex from episode 48 and Gary from episode 3 are two individuals who are into making music. They both get into the technicals, and enjoy the creativity. I like some music too, and in this episode, I discuss:

  • types of music I have liked over time
  • trance and music with melody or beats
  • a lyric from a Jay-Z song that I break down into parts
  • vocal music I have enjoyed in years, along with its motivational aspects

Music is a big part of the world, through Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, Pandora, and so on. All of these services bring tunes that give people feelings and energy they use. To more creativity.

Plague, Famine, War, And Beginning Homo Deus | TheArmenShow Episode 077

77 in the place to be. I have started reading Homo Deus by Yuval Harari. It’s the sequel to Sapiens, which was one of the top books of the past few years in the category of humankind’s progress over time. This one includes material from that book, and has updated content, and also discusses the future. In this episode I discuss:

  • the introduction to this book, and how it is laid out
  • plague like Black Death sweeping through nations
  • famine no longer being the issue in relation to food levels
  • the lack of war and the impacts it has on society

I am looking forward to flowing right through this book, and understanding more about some of the linkages between happenings over time. To more knowledge, and continuing the story.

Aligning With Similar Energy Individuals, Chocolate, And Talk Show Games | TheArmenShow Episode 076

Insight and examples are what I bring to the table here. Most of how I communicate is through concepts. This episode includes Alex’s jingle as the intro and outro again. I might make that the regular thing. In episode 76 of the show, I discuss:

  • aligning with individual who have a similar energy to you, and who you can relate with or believe in
  • types of chocolate I have enjoyed eating or drinking
  • talk show games and their routine nature of a sounded intro and comfortable elements
  • weekly cycles that society rolls through, and “hacking culture”
  • Katja’s song’s Ride The Wave and Come Thru

You have to link the parts of your life if you want to reach new levels. There are a lot of details to the networks of our thoughts and actions. Glad to have you following along the story I’m narrating. If you like the show, let others know it~

My Mind Map Of Different Mind Mapping Examples | TheArmenShow Episode 075

How did we get to 75? Probably 25 * 3. We are here at the 75th episode, and over half of this episode is about my mind map that I made in 2009. In it, I discuss:

  • the content in the mind map that I made on MindMeister
  • how you can brainstorm using one of your own
  • vocabulary word groups and word roots being drawn out
  • ways to organize your day or year in mind map form
  • concepts about blockchain and its connection to the universe

There is a lot of cool content in this one. You can check out the mind map from the link at the beginning, and I’m glad to have you listening. Feel free to let others know about the show, and we’ll see you on the next one.

Going Over My Interview With Dr. Sapolsky On Behave | TheArmenShow Episode 074

Hey all and welcome to episode 74. This one is on my text interview with Dr. Sapolsky on his book Behave that I’ve been talking about. It is 8 questions instead of my usual 5, and that’s because I got so into the material through reading and notes. In this episode, I discuss:

  • marketing and how it relates to the brain development of the viewer
  • being generous in an individualistic culture
  • how someone can adapt to their environment that doesn’t suit them
  • efficient ways to manage executive decision-making ability that you have

It was great to have this dialog with Dr. Sapolsky, and his answers were informative to me. The little nuances of answers in response to how I asked the question also teach me a lot about what I was missing or didn’t pay enough attention to.

Onward we go~

Sapiens, Homo Deus, Designing Reality, And Book Talk | TheArmenShow Episode 073

Do I get books on hold from the local library? You know it. I continue to lean in the science/nonfiction section, and got some books lately for potential reading or analyzing. In this episode, I discuss:

  • Harari and his books Sapiens and Homo Deus
  • things about the books that make me more likely to read them
  • Designing Reality and how it has some new tech in it
  • what I look for in books before I dive in

I throw in some concepts and talk at the end of the episode, and always continue the trend. As we move through the 70s, in terms of episodes, I see good smoothness. Only do what fits you, and your world becomes more suitable.

On Grayson Power Plant Expansion And Community Organizing With Guest Jane | TheArmenShow Episode 072

We are back in the place with episode 72 of the show, and on this one we also have a guest. Our guest is Jane, and there is a lot of material described on this episode, mostly about the proposed expansion of the Grayson power plant in Glendale. Included is discussion about:

  • why the Grayson power plant expansion plan in Glendale should be paused in search of alternatives
  • the impacts that expansion can have on local air quality
  • how a coalition formed to oppose the plan
  • local power plant information and history regarding costs and profits
  • getting involved in your local city council
  • some discussion on life and books in the category of child development

In relation to the Grayson power plant issue, you can either check out the website Jane had mentioned (stopgrayson.com), take part in the City Council meeting January 23rd at Glendale City Hall at 6 PM wearing a green shirt(if you are local), or check out the Facebook group. To more great material~

On Production Value In The Economy Of Automation With Guest Felipe | TheArmenShow Episode 071

We roll back in here with guest Felipe. He is the 14th guest on the show, and makes his way to episode 71. We talked about many topics on this episode, and it was a cool time in Koreatown. Discussed included:

  • the elements that bring value of production to an economy
  • how those elements can be manipulated by those running the system
  • the type of activism that Felipe leans toward
  • little interludes about blockchain and crypto I threw in
  • concepts about monetary bubbles and how they can be prepared for
  • 2018 goals that Felipe as well as I have

Great episode to have, and Felipe is a solid individual. This is another one of the longer ones, but maybe this will be the new length for episodes. There is no predictability to the show~. On we go.

Har Ghobind Khorana Google Doodle, Researchers, And Many Tangents | TheArmenShow Episode 070

This episode was an extended one. Who knows if the new form of the show will be extended. It’s always different on here. Topics were:

  • Har Ghobind Khorana being the Google Doodle for his biochemical research
  • why I like scientists and people who focus on a niche future field
  • continuing momentum before it disappears, with a Youtuber example
  • how words represent certain time frames or generations of people

So many tangents of value in this episode. With great content like this episode, there can only be nice things to come. 70~

Golden Globes Street Party, And Making Something From Nothing | TheArmenShow Episode 069

Yesterday was the Golden Globes, and so I created my own thing there. In this episode, I discuss:

  • the energy on the street around the Golden Globes
  • making something from nothing
  • doing what fits you in public environments
  • the rain happening in Los Angeles

Long live the rain, and may we continue to flourish.

South Coast Botanic Garden, And Exploring Your Region | TheArmenShow Episode 068

We are back at episode 68 in the building, and this one involves a trip to the South Coast Botanic Garden in Palos Verdes. In the episode, I discuss:

  • some of the details about the gardens
  • flowers in there, and their smell and colors
  • why you should explore your local region as applicable
  • moving around near or far

The way to the future is steps from the present.

Story Of Playing Video And Computer Games With Ze | TheArmenShow Episode 067

Long ago, I would play video and computer games, and so I tossed in this story from the past with my friend Ze. Included in this episode are:

  • the story about time with Ze and playing video games
  • the ability to walk places
  • discussion about cities and their walkability
  • a message about fearlessness in relation to success

Every day there are new things, and I put out new material. There is also the past, which we are somewhat connected to.

Long Beach House Party, And Intelligentsia Happenings | TheArmenShow Episode 066

Hey all. I threw in some stories in this episode, because I don’t include enough of them. On episode 66, I discuss:

  • a Long Beach house party that I went to
  • a coffee shop named Intelligentsia where I go regularly
  • how I met Willow there and saw her a few times
  • my attitude of recording in DTLA

That is a couple of stories that I have included here, and I will have more on the way. Also, a text interview should be coming this month, and Ryan may be a near future guest on the show. Keep it flowing.

Putting Out Content Of Merit, And Not Waiting For Change | TheArmenShow Episode 065

This episode includes some good energy, which is great for material being put out there. It’s like sharing metabolism. Topics in this episode are:

  • putting out content that speaks to people in the long term
  • some entertainment brought up by me
  • taking action instead of waiting for change
  • you deserve what you get, instead of getting what you deserve

Every day is a day for new things. Let us make our way there.

Discussing Science Books For Winter 2018, And Robert Greene Tweets | TheArmenShow Episode 064

What books are some people talking about for early in 2018? There are some that I have read, and some new ones in the science and related categories. In this episode, I include:

  • talk about books like Homo Deus by Harari, and A Crack In Creation by Jennifer Doudna
  • discussion of Robert Greene tweets in the realm of personal development
    • mindsets to have

Episode 64 in the building. 2018 underway. And we have had 13 guests on the show, including some repeats. Let’s all flourish in 2018.

On Meeting New People In 2018 And More With Guest Ramy | TheArmenShow Episode 063

On episode 63, 2 days into 2018, we have a guest~. Also, there is some light background static throughout the episode due to possibly a phone or electric interference so I thought I would mention that. Aside from that, the guest is Ramy, and the episode included:

  • socialization plans for 2018 involving strangers
  • surprise guests joining along for a bit
  • thoughts on how people should connect with one another
  • my goals for 2018

This episode was recorded in Pershing Square, not far from the ice skating rink. Glad to have Ramy on the show~

Bringing In 2018 With Goals And A Preview | TheArmenShow Episode 062

It is the new year folks~. Happy new year to all the listeners of the show, and welcome to 2018. I like the switch in year and the energy that comes with it. In this episode, I go over:

  • the new year coming in
  • goals that I have with relation to this show and reading
  • some mentions of plans for the year
  • a bit about the relating of ideas between people

To more cool guests in 2018, with more books read of value, and discussion of depth. Connecting is good, and we have to have a regular form if we are to carve out a path.

Life Messages And Closing Out 2017 With Guest Harout | TheArmenShow Episode 061

We have come to the end of 2017, and we do it in style. This episode includes guest Harout, and we go into some deep stuff. Included in the episode are:

  • happenings in 2017 related to family and personal
  • understanding about who cares about you and who doesn’t
  • some goals for us in 2018
  • a classic guest episode with the Root
  • some concepts to take away about life and relationships

Glad to have Harout on the show, and he is a great guest for the program. To wonderful things for The Armen Show in 2018~

Visiting A Rehabilitation Facility, And Pseudo Guest Skyler | TheArmenShow Episode 060

Hello from near the end of December. I met a person and went to visit their rehabilitation place for a short bit. I mention the story about that here, along with:

  • the facilities for rehabilitation we have in Los Angeles
  • what purpose they serve
  • taking rejection and acceptance with grains of salt
  • a hello from pseudo guest Skyler who surfs

You have to make moves every day, or you might not be making moves at all. Give gifts and be merry.

Chapters 13 Through 17 Of Behave By Robert Sapolsky | TheArmenShow Episode 059

This one is the closer on Behave by Robert Sapolsky, which is a great book on human behavior and neuroscience. I go through content in the last chapters of it, including:

  • morality and doing the right thing
  • elements of human behavior in competition/cooperation
  • details of empathy regarding Us/Them thinking
  • metaphors and symbols that we as people live by
  • the people in the trenches during war and peace

This book has been a big one for me, and finishing it was a great happening. I took complete notes on the whole book, and was able to share much of them with you here across these episodes about it. Here are direct links to the episodes about chapters 1-4, 5-8, and 9-12.

On Gift Giving, TV Show Veep, And Live Room LA With Guest Kaspar | TheArmenShow Episode 058

We had him on before(episode 8, he’s part of the single-digit club), and we’re having him on again. It’s Kaspar, and he’s on episode 58 discussing:

  • how he feels about gift giving and the holiday season
  • his input on the TV sitcom Veep with actor Julia-Louis Dreyfus
  • upcoming project Live Room LA for musical output
  • a note of reflection about 2017

Glad to have Kaspar back on the show, and you know we keep it rolling here at The Armen Show. There is much to come as the year ends and the next one begins.

Putting All Your Eggs In A Managed Basket | TheArmenShow Episode 057

In life, you can choose to diversify like most investors would tell you do (like Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank), or you can put all your eggs in one basket. Here is a story about the latter option.

  • my applying to UCSB
  • only putting one school on the list
  • retrying after getting turned down
  • the trip there to deliver additional information
  • the path, the steps, the process

You can do life in your way, as long as you stick with your way. I’ll include more stories in future episodes.

The Idea Of Examining Your Year In Some Category | TheArmenShow Episode 056

What up people it’s Armen back at it in episode 56 of the show. This one is about looking at some category of yours for the year. These could include:

  • the risks you took in 2017
  • the amount or quality of events you went to
  • people you connected with in some memorable way
  • places you went to and liked

The list goes on, but it’s a smart move to pick some things that matter to you and see how they changed in the past year. You never know what kind of trends or understanding you can get from it.

Good things to come as you know~

On Schooling And Life With Guests Mariam And David | TheArmenShow Episode 055

Sometimes on The Armen Show, we have guests, and that is the case here~ On this one, we have our first time having two guests, who are Mariam and David of my extended family. In this episode, we discuss:

  • schooling in the grade system
  • interests as far as social media
  • things that are fun to do
  • how cool it is to be on the episode am I right

Glad to have Mariam and David on the show.

The Holiday Season, And Keeping Your Eyes Open | TheArmenShow Episode 054

It is that time of the year that is the holiday. Here I discuss:

  • Christmas and the holiday season
  • looking at things that are presented to you as illusions
  • snowboarding story of the past
  • updates as I tend to do

It’s the Eve of the day that is the holiday.

Homeostasis, And Flying Higher Than Weather | TheArmenShow Episode 053

Nutrition and fitness have to remain in concert for you to roll strong. In episode 53, leading to the holidays, we discuss:

  • keeping your homeostasis rolling
  • how I finished the book and that is a good deal
  • update on the fire record
  • some side info on my day

Keep it moving~

The Quickening Pace Of Life | TheArmenShow Episode 052

How fast does life go? Do we do so many things more quickly than we did before? In episode 52, I discuss:

  • how life is getting faster
  • how we fit more into each day as time goes on
  • the way to adapt to the speed up in the future
  • potential names for the listeners of this show

I am near finishing the book and will be done in due time. This is a great thing, and you should finish what you start. Also, long live day trading.

No Need To Be Waiting On Something | TheArmenShow Episode 051

When you are working through your life, there is no need to ever be waiting for something. You can be patient for things, but you have to make moves. In this episode, I discuss:

  • not needing to wait for anything
  • making moves and then adjusting after the fact
  • the focus being on your actions
  • causing an impact instead of waiting for an impact

I talked about a few topics on this one, and I try to share my viewpoints along my own journey.

Bringing In Episode 50 With A Rap Freestyle | TheArmenShow Episode 050

It’s the big 50, and you know we do it big here on The Armen Show. Little known fact is that I used to do freestyle raps that I would record every few days for years. I have raps from 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and some from 2017 (over 300 in total). In this rap I include:

  • messages on self-esteem
  • updates on current happenings
  • lyrics with style to a certain beat
  • some switches in flow and speed

The beat I rapped on here is one called “A Touch Of Gold”, by Elliote Waite, one of the people who makes beats for JeeJuh. It is one of the only ones I bought on there a few years ago. JeeJuh has some great beats that I have rapped to over the years.

Glad to have y’all on here through 50 episodes and onward we go. More raps on the way in the future.

Having A Range Of Motion And Emotion | TheArmenShow Episode 049

In life, you need to have range throughout all that you do. These types of range include:

  • physical range of motion through activity and stretch
  • range of emotion in expression with others
  • range of ability to handle wins and losses of risk
  • range of understanding of different kinds of information that is available

These different types of range will make you less vulnerable to the world at large. You have to be able to manage that which is around you.

On Making And Listening To Electronic Music With Guest Alex | TheArmenShow Episode 048

Welcome to episode 48 of The Armen Show, and on this one we have guest Alex who makes music and is in the music/event scene. In fact, Alex made the jingle that starts and ends this episode! We discuss:

  • types of music that Alex likes
  • the hardware and software that Alex uses(and will be using) to make electronic dance music and similar
  • performers and events he likes to listen to and attend
  • the fact that we used two mics on this advanced episode

Glad to have Alex on this one. We used two Shure SM58 microphones to record, and also had headphones to hear input. Technology is all over the place on this one. Onward we go.

Dancing, And What It Represents | TheArmenShow Episode 047

Hey all. The Armen Show is in the building with talk of dancing and its funness, and what it represents.

  • structured forms of dancing like salsa
  • what dancing represents and means
  • what people consider to be “good” dancing
  • kinds of dancing I have done

They want more so we put out more here at the studio.

Who Are You, And What Is Your Identity? | TheArmenShow Episode 046

Who is the person you are? The identity we have is important. In this episode I ask and discuss:

  • what is your identity?
  • what are the things in your life you see as part of you?
  • how do you want others to see you?
  • do you reflect on yourself?

This episode is for you to think about where you are in the world, in your own perspective.

The Market Never Sleeps, And Opportunity Clouding | TheArmenShow Episode 045

How is the show already at 45 episodes? It’s hard to say. This one is about:

  • the market never stopping for anyone
  • touching the market and its importance
  • not being clouded by all potential opportunities that show up
  • empathy and its relation to audience

I have been checking out some other podcasts, and noticed features that they have. Things continue to improve here in all categories.

Net Neutrality And An Open Internet | TheArmenShow Episode 044

I had brought it up in episode 22, but here in episode 44, I discuss the fact that net neutrality just got voted against by the FCC.

  • FCC vote against net neutrality
  • appeal happening next in the courts
  • importance of the internet to what we see today
  • mentioning my past rap about the internet

Will the internet remain as we  see it right now? It is up to the societal and legal response to the FCC vote.

Describing Some Books Read In Past Years Part Two | TheArmenShow Episode 043

I have read lots of books and so I continue describing some of the ones read in past years. Included here are:

  • The Brain: The Story of You by David Eagleman on the brain
  • The Planet Remade by Oliver Morton on how the planet can be upgraded
  • The Idealist by Justin Peters on the life of Aaron Swartz
  • A Crude Look At The Whole by John H. Miller connecting complex systems
  • Skeptic by Michael Shermer on checking what you are told
  • The Industries of the Future by Alec Ross on upcoming industries
  • Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs by Lisa Randall on the great universe

I like keeping y’all up to date on my past and current made and read content. Onward we go.

Describing Some Books Read In Past Years | TheArmenShow Episode 042

We keep it moving here at The Podcast known as The Armen Show. In this episode I go over some contents from past books I’ve read that are in one of my Evernote notebooks on books. They include:

  • Mastery by Robert Greene and mention of his other books
  • Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahnemann (read just a bit of)
  • You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero (interviewed her)
  • Choices and Illusions by Eldon Taylor (send to me on previous blog)
  • The End of the Suburbs by Leigh Gallagher (changes in current real estate landscape and usage)
  • The Hinge by Rob Bell (about mental toughness and sticking with things)

Hope you liked hearing about books I’ve read in full or in part. Content is my way. Feedback if you have any folks. On to the next~

Guilt And Shaming As Methods Of Regulation | TheArmenShow Episode 041

Hey all I have some content back from the book “Behave”. I have mapped out the rest of the book and will be reading through it. In this I discuss:

  • How individualistic cultures and collectivist cultures regulate people
  • Difference in guilt and shaming
  • External versus internal effects on people
  • Getting people in line as per society and its desires

Good luck to those near the fire, and glad to have you listening to the show.

Comments On Top News Stories Of The Day | TheArmenShow Episode 040

Here I went with discussing some of the top news stories of the day, and bringing up a comment or two on each thing as applicable.

  • Items in world news and country happenings
  • What occurs in the local US region
  • Entertainment and sports that takes place daily
  • Lastly, science and health news and updates

I’m always switching it up here on The Armen Show, and we are episode 40 in the building. To more and good~

Reflecting On Your Learning, And Daily Talk | TheArmenShow Episode 039

On episode 39, on December 9th, I bring some life discussion about things like:

  • The fires that are happening in Los Angeles
  • Keeping consistent on your efforts
  • My plan on how I will be reading the last chapters of Behave
  • How you should reflect on your mistakes

We are looking great in December. To more health and good things.

Upcoming 2017 End Of Year Video For Youtube | TheArmenShow Episode 038

Hey all we keep it moving here. The fires continue in Los Angeles, but the city is solid. In this episode, I go over:

  • The end of year video I am likely making for Youtube
  • A shortened version will be for Instagram
  • Updates on book reading and an upcoming chapter
  • Drinking water

We all have something to bring to the table. If you have that, bring it out there. Glad to have you on The Armen Show team.

Being Romantic About Judgment In Character | TheArmenShow Episode 037

In a recent conference where Gary Vaynerchuk was answering questions, he said “People love to be romantic about their judgment in character; thus it deems them non-actionable when it most matters”. This episode is about:

  • Not being attached to your past decisions or maneuvers
  • Make it more about firing, or cancelling, and not about hiring
  • Being adaptable over time instead of fixed in place out of weakness
  • Giving weight to your own mobility, instead of to reputation management

Podcast too strong we are rolling out through December. Episode 37 on December 7. Join the train while the track is still visible~

The Power Of Story And Focusing On What You Can Do | TheArmenShow Episode 036

How do he do it? 16 episodes in 16 days with episode 36 on December 6. In this one, I talk about:

  • the power of story to connect with people
  • how you can set focus on what you can do instead of missed opportunities
  • commentary on potential future podcast discussion

We are on the podcast train and it is zooming out to space.

Managing Yourself During Fires And Other Emergencies | TheArmenShow Episode 035

Fires happen in Southern California, or near Los Angeles, and a few are currently burning away. This prompted me to do this episode on how to manage during such instances, and those of earthquakes and other disasters, and to think about them in advance.

  • Couple of fires going on right now (Thomas Fire and Creek Fire)
  • Understanding the elements that take place in the area you live in
  • Keeping in mind what is valuable for you to take or leave
  • Organizing your possessions at all times so you are aware of what you have

Aside from this content, I hope all of you are doing smoothly, and will continue with book and related content in the near future. Shout outs to the firefighters who battle against fires, stopping them at tops of mountains or before they get to housing regions.

Chapters 9 Through 12 Of Behave By Robert Sapolsky | TheArmenShow Episode 034

We are back at it with some Sapolsky for you. This is a summary of chapters 9 through 12 in his book “Behave”, and I took in-depth notes on these chapters regarding human behavior. Some of the topics in this episode are:

  • collectivist versus individualist cultures and their different thinking
  • how culture impacts action
  • how behavior evolved in terms of kin selection and pairing to family and extended family
  • us versus them thinking, and how Others are viewed by Us groups
  • levels of hierarchy in society and how noted they are by all animals, but especially people

This book is packed with information. The next episode that includes content on it will be on chapters 13 through 17(which is the last chapter), and then I will do a recap.

The Arboretum, Festival Of Lights, And Goodreads | TheArmenShow Episode 033

33 in the building~. In this episode, I wanted to discuss two places I went to, and an update to an online profile of mine.

  • the plants at The Arboretum in Arcadia, Los Angeles
  • flower and plants and what is cool
  • the Festival of Lights in Riverside, and all its various features
  • how I switched back to my old Goodreads profile and updated it

We keep it moving here at The Armen Show. The next episode will return to “Behave” discussion, with a summary of chapters 9 through 12. See you then.

World Cup Draw, Predicted Victories, And Country Discussion | TheArmenShow Episode 032

World Cup 2018 is coming next year, and the draw for the team groups happened. They are 8 groups of 4 countries each. In this episode, I discussed:

  • the countries involved in the groups
  • stories I knew of that related to the countries
  • things about soccer as a sport
  • my guesses on who would win each group

Onward to great soccer and competition mid-2018. Also, I’d like to point out that there are 32 teams in the World Cup, and this was episode 32 of The Armen Show~

Discussing Concepts In Jay-Z New York Times Conversation Video | TheArmenShow Episode 031

This episode is discussion about life concepts presented by Jay-Z (Shawn Carter) in his discussion with Dean Baquet of The New York Times, as seen/heard in this Youtube video. This video/audio had concepts about people, vulnerability, truth, fear, pain, compassion, helping, challenging, having a dialogue, and more.

All the times links are to that time in the video, so you can hear him talk about the concepts himself if so desired.

  • 2:57 – goal to live life through your abilities, not to be successful/famous
  • 9:31 – having a dialog about a thing is necessary, it happened regardless of if talked about or not (what you reveal you heal)
  • 11:15 – Jay-Z doesn’t feel racism until when he challenges the status quo – life shows its cards when you challenge it
  • 12:46 – everything is connected
  • 13:37 – people on streets asking “what you lookin’ at” because caused fight because person being seen in pain and responding like “oh you see me”
  • 19:11 – “I love people” “I want what’s best for people” “without people being rich would be very boring” “then what do you do”
  • 20:20 – strongest thing person can do is be vulnerable with their feelings, not guarded
  • 21:30 – can’t expose all truths until people around are ready, and they have their truths too
  • 25:04 – it’s not about being in the white hot space, it’s really small, but it’s about finding the truth, it’s about the forever
  • 27:16 – obligation to further the conversation, it’s okay to be smart
  • 29:44 – you don’t turn your back on the community that uplifted you or your time is out
  • 32:35 – Kanye is a compassionate person – a lot of times you get in trouble trying to help others
  • 34:12 – the best place is right in the middle of the pain, and it’s uncomfortable, most people don’t want to look inside themselves, and so they walk away

I always enjoy conceptual discussion and understanding. If depth is there, I am usually there. Hope you enjoyed episode 31.

Not Taking Things Too Seriously | TheArmenShow Episode 030

What do we have in store in this last episode of November, episode 30 on November 30, with 10 days in a row of podcasts?

  • discussion about not taking things too seriously
  • giving weight only where it is fitting
  • talk on Christmas tree lightings and their representation
  • some description of my December goals as posted online

Onward we go~

Focusing Through Variety, And Some Non-Conceptual Discussion | TheArmenShow Episode 029

Threw in some variety in this here episode #29 on November 29th. In this episode that I recorded in a car, we have:

  • focusing in the face of variety and distraction
  • keeping to a plan you have set
  • discussion about cars and people walking by while I recorded this
  • some talk about colors and non-conceptual material

Wednesday was a great day and we move towards December soon. I’m on chapter 11 of Behave so an upcoming episode will include content on chapters 9 through 12.

High And Low Energy Times, Products, And Peoples’ Wants | TheArmenShow Episode 028

This here is episode 28, on the 28th, with topics of discussion including:

  • high and low energy times in society
  • being efficient with when things are best for doing
  • using the products you have while you have them
  • matching what people want

The Armen Show is rolling out of the year in a booming style, with a flowing sense of direction~

Creating Ways To Say Yes That Work For You | TheArmenShow Episode 027

The world hands you chances to say yes, but it doesn’t always fit how you do things. Here I talk about an example of how you can.

  • saying yes and suiting it to yourself
  • how chef Morimoto did it with a ketchup example
  • adjusting to life like evolution already exemplifies
  • side discussion of my book discussion in social media

Here is a link to the video I commented about in this episode:

On the Art and Practice of Sushi: The Sushi Chef with Masaharu Morimoto

On Consistent Effort And Not Acting On Fear | TheArmen Episode 026

Episode 26 is up on November 26th, and this one is about two main topics, and some side commentary:

  • consistent effort and its associated habits
  • the things that come on the side of regular activity
  • not giving in to fearful decision stoppage
  • why acting in fear is a great universal test
  • some discussion about episodes

Glad to have you on the team~

On Acting, Socializing, Movies, And Food With Guest Josh | TheArmenShow Episode 025

Episode 25 of The Armen Show, being posted on November 25th(continuing the matching day trend of the past few days) includes a guest who is actor Josh Sussman. Josh is full of life and a warm nature. We went over many things, including:

  • acting he has done over many years since he was 9
  • how we met, and how socializing involving risk-taking can be great
  • movies Josh has enjoyed watching
  • foods of interest and that Josh has enjoyed eating
  • various banter between us as we relate

Shout outs to Josh for taking part~. As mentioned in the episode, here are links to Josh’s various social media:

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | IMDb

Descriptions Of Some People I Follow On Twitter | TheArmenShow Episode 024

Here comes episode 24 on November 24th, and it is about some of the people I follow on Twitter. I wanted to go over who they are and why I check their stuff.

  • Richard Dawkins – views on biology and evolution
  • Scott H. Young – writing articles since 2006 on personal development and learning
  • Demetri Martin – comedian with deadpan humor and wit to form
  • Daniel Goleman – scientist/author of books on intelligence and social nature
  • Robert Greene – author of key books on power and strategy
  • Elon Musk – businessman who runs companies and gets details implemented

And for those who want to follow my content on Twitter, I am @Armen on there.

Thanksgiving And The Things You Do | TheArmenShow Episode 023

Happy Thanksgiving folks. Here I do a little talk about the day, and holidays in general.

  • Thanksgiving and the time off
  • using it for something like reflection
  • the habits you can build over time
  • little mentions about my hike

Thanks for listening and look out for more~

Net Neutrality And Efforts Of Reaching Out | TheArmenShow Episode 022

On this 22nd day of November, I bring up the concept of net neutrality, and its maintenance at the current time.

  • for an internet that remains open
  • so that certain sites don’t cost more than others
  • so a form of a censorship doesn’t happen
  • because the internet is the basis of so much that we have now

Responding To Top Posts On The ENTP Subreddit | TheArmenShow Episode 021

In this episode, I chose to respond to a few choice posts on the ENTP subreddit on Reddit. ENTP is a grouping of a certain personality type that I am most similar to of that personality type system. (Extroverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving)

Here I discussed:

  • whether my type does breathing
  • thoughts on ego and its relation to self-esteem
  • our introverted nature even though we are extroverts
  • how we process and are suited for sarcasm

Glad to have you here.

On Jewelry Making, Gemstones, And Salsa Dancing With Guest Alicia | TheArmenShow Episode 020

We have come to episode 20 on The Armen Show podcast. On this episode, we welcome guest Alicia. The topics we discuss are:

  • making of jewelry that Alicia does
  • her interest in that activity, and inclusion of gems
  • ability to make jewelry that matches pieces
  • what draws her to salsa dancing
  • places to go salsa dancing in the local region

Glad to have Alicia up on this 20th episode~

Chapters 5 Through 8 Of Behave By Robert Sapolsky | TheArmenShow Episode 019

Having continued reading from this great book, I have learned a lot about human behavior. It was recently voted one of the top 10 books of 2017 by The Washington Post. I have been taking notes on it as usual.

Covered in this episode:

  • some aspects of how learning occurs
  • adolescence and the lack of frontal cortex development
  • why Youtubers make videos a certain way for their teenage audience
  • the impact of mothers on growth patterns and self-esteem
  • testosterone impacts on gender differences

Thanks for checking out The Armen Show podcast.

On Cars, Film, And Product Sales With Guest Dilan | TheArmenShow Episode 018

Shout outs to Dilan’s recent birthday. He joins me on episode 18, where we discuss various items, including:

  • his interest in cars
  • his online group for Hot Wheels sales
  • talk on film and his background in film
  • product sales and what he has done business-wise
  • pointers about risk-taking and losses
  • a car show or event he has been fond of


Dilan’s Hot Wheels group on Facebook and Instagram

Automobile designer Frank Stephenson, mentioned in the episode

The movie The Big Short that I brought up

Sunset GT car event that happens once a month

Discussing Some People From My Instagram | TheArmenShow Episode 017

  • Discussed various Instagrammers I know of
  • Cristel(criztle) of Frog Creek Farms
  • Vince(vince_jacobs) with music and theater
  • Dilan(dilancer) with car knowledge and film interests
  • Natalie(nataliebiehl_) who does artwork and models
  • Kenny(kennysandersbmx) who was on previous episode
  • Ed(edhumek) who represents for Britain
  • Yelena(yelena715) who is a chef I met after the Grammy’s

The interview with Andrew(LAHWF) I mentioned during this episode:

On Real Estate And Sports Content With Guest Ira | TheArmenShow Episode 016

Guest Ira Silver is on this episode of The Armen Show, and what a fun episode it was to record. Ira has a warm energy. We discussed:

  • Ira on his real estate happenings
  • how he got into the business
  • his interest in fantasy sports
  • discussion of a possible sports podcast
  • a surprise closer

My Article And Quote Analysis Ebooks From 2010 | TheArmenShow Episode 015

  • Quote Analysis: Volume 1 and some quotes in it
  • Timeless Information: Volume 1 and an overview of its articles
  • banter about the podcast and people’s feedback
  • informing about my latest Youtube video editing
  • preview of upcoming book content

Timeless Information: Volume 1 Ebook

Quote Analysis: Volume 1 Ebook

Author Interview with Dr. Arlindo Oliveira, author of The Digital Mind

Halloween Carnaval 2017, Socializing At Events, And Book Talk | TheArmenShow Episode 014

  • West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2017
  • Meeting people across the event
  • Events and matching the people in them
  • Books fiction and nonfiction
  • 48 Laws of Power

Putting Out Content Connects You With Your People | TheArmenShow Episode 013

Hey all. In this episode, I discuss the reasoning behind making content that suits you.

  • You get to connect with people who understand you
  • Your material will show you what you are able to put out
  • Inclinations will surface more over time
  • People can reach out to you based on your material

Thanks for checking The Armen Show, and keep it moving in your own happenings.

Chapters 1 Through 4 Of Behave By Robert Sapolsky | TheArmenShow Episode 012

Robert Sapolsky, Stanford professor of biology and neurology, has written the great book “Behave” about what causes human behavior, from the most recent moments, to far back in time. I am enjoying this book thus far

In this episode is information from chapters 1 through 4 of the book, including:

  • regions of the brain and their purposes
  • triggers of behavior, and subtle cuing
  • impacts of hormones on behavior, including testosterone and oxytocin
  • stress and its impacts on learning and fear

Hope you enjoy the material in some form as I do~

Chapters 5 Through 8 Of Scale By Geoffrey West | TheArmenShow Episode 011

Hey all – I’m back with more from the book I have been reading and am almost done with.

In this discussion of content from chapters 5 through 8, I discuss:

  • scaling of organisms in relation to cities
  • how cities provide economy of scale
  • how the sun relates to energy requirements
  • how a larger city affects the people inside it
  • levels of social connections

If you like statistical information and an understanding of complex adaptive systems, the content in Scale would interest you. As well, reading anything that might interest you is a great idea. Onward we go~

On Music Making And Entrepreneurship With Guest Kenny | TheArmenShow Episode 010

On this 10th episode, our 5th guest Kenny Sanders discusses a variety of things including:

  • his band Sonder Saloon that he is in with our previous guests
  • what kind of music he is into
  • music making and how he fits into it
  • entrepreneurship and why he does it

Great to have Kenny on TAS~

Chapters 3 And 4 Of Scale By Geoffrey West | TheArmenShow Episode 009

In episode 9 of The Armen Show, I discuss chapters 3 and 4 of Scale by Geoffrey West.

Included in this discussion are:

  • discussion about the power scaling laws
  • metabolic rate as related to mass
  • AC and DC current and how they are similar to the cardiovascular system
  • elements about growth, aging, and mortality

This book has continued to be great, and I look forward to interviewing Dr. West after it is complete.

Spine And Guitar With Guest Kaspar | TheArmenShow Episode 008

Episode 8 of The Armen Show includes guest Kaspar discussing Spine and guitar playing~

  • why he uses Spine for animation
  • what drew him to animation
  • learning through tutorials
  • Kaspar’s music-making ability with guitar
  • previous band experience
  • his mutual interest in art with his companion

Shout outs to Kaspar being the 4th guest on the show, and to continued connectivity from The Armen Show–

Basketball And Activity With Guest David | TheArmenShow Episode 007

Episode 7 is pretty exciting because I have a fellow Shirvanian on the scene. David the 13 year old joins me on this one. We discuss:

  • basketball and sports
  • activity as a youth
  • what it is like to be in a connected social world
  • 13 year old life currently

Shout outs to David for taking part~

On History And Travel With Guest Johnny | TheArmenShow Episode 006

Episode 6 brings in my second guest of this show, which is Johnny. I checked with Johnny about his interests in travel and history.


  • travel and countries Johnny has been to
  • countries Johnny would want to go to, and why he likes traveling
  • what draws Johnny to history
  • historical events that Johnny recalled
  • some messages about history and its value to understanding
  • a little Spanish by Johnny

Thanks for Johnny in joining in episode 6 of The Armen Show as a guest participant~

Chester Carpool Karaoke, Vlog Post, Social Media | TheArmenShow Episode 005

Hey all episode 5 in the building. I re-did this episode when the audio wasn’t so good, so it is better for you. If you have any specific interests in mind to discuss let me know.

  • Chester Bennington’s Carpool Karaoke and his musical inspiration
  • The Armen Show Youtube channel vlog post
  • Social media makers and their efforts
  • Talk about my audio being redone

World Cup, US Soccer, And Updates | TheArmenShow Episode 004

Hey folks. In episode 4 of The Armen Show, I go over:

  • The US Soccer team not going to The World Cup
  • Soccer as a sport and my past playing
  • Updates about the podcast and what I use to record it
  • Comments on documentation of your life as it goes along

The show is an ongoing production of me, and occasionally, guests. I hope you are enjoying it, and may it continue to have new material across the way.

Music Making With Guest Gary Kazazian | TheArmenShow Episode 003

In this episode of The Armen Show, I discuss with Gary Kazazian about his music making, as he has been up to a lot of content creation with his upcoming album called “On a Bed at 4 AM”.

I ask him questions about

  • the music making process
  • instrumentation including guitars and piano
  • how many songs he puts on albums and why
  • his experience performing live

Glad to have musical performer guest Gary on episode 3, and you may hear from more guests in the future.

Chapters 1 And 2 Of Geoffrey West’s Book “Scale” | TheArmenShow Episode 002

In this second episode of The Armen Show, I discuss some tangential points, as usual, and then discuss concepts from the first two chapters of Geoffrey West’s book Scale.

  • linear scaling as compared with superlinear and sublinear
  • heartbeats in a lifetime for animals
  • how cities are similar to organisms in their growth

With this being episode 2, we have now doubled the number of episodes of The Armen Show.

Intro | TheArmenShow Episode 001

  • Episode 1 of The Armen Show podcast in the building
  • I had “That Guy Named Armen” as my previous podcast, but this is a new iteration
  • I didn’t backup the files for the last one so I think they’re gone
  • This show is separate from The Armen Show vlog on Youtube of the same name, but it is the same theme
  • Through my words maybe you can understand my story and interests
  • Guests will be on the show like on “That Guy Named Armen” podcast
  • I interview science authors on my blog as well
  • If you have questions let me know
  • I like science, neuroscience mostly, cognitive, and biology and related fields like economics and systems theory or things of such nature that represent the universe
  • Enjoy the episode and future ones